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Rod Machado's Plane Talk information
List Price: $29.95
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Rod Machado's Plane Talk

- 5 customer reviews.

Rod Machado's Plane Talk

Welcome to a collection of Rod Machado's most popular aviation articles and stories from the last 15 years. Rod Machado's Plane Talk contains nearly 100 articles covering flights of fun and knowledge that will stimulate your aviation brain and tickle your funny bone. In addition to the educational topics listed below, this 456 page book contains articles on topics such as higher aviation learning, the value of aviation history, aviation literature, aviation art and how an artist's perspective can help you better understand weather. You'll also find more than a few articles written just to make you laugh.

Here's What's Inside:

How to Assess and Manage Aviation Risks
Learn how safe pilots think, how to apply the safety strategy used by General Jimmy Doolittle (known as the master of the calculated risk), how famed gunfighter Wyatt Earp can help you cope with aviation's risks, how misleading aviation statistics can be and why flying isn't as dangerous as some folks say it is.

Several Techniques for Making Better Cockpit Decisions
Discover how to use your inner copilot in the cockpit and the value of one good question asked upside down.

New Ways to Help You Cope With Temptation
Fly safer by developing an aviation code of ethics, understand how human nature can trick you into flying beyond your limits, why good pilots are prejudiced and how a concept like honor will protect you while aloft.

How to Use Your Brain for a Change
You can learn faster by understanding how the learning curve--the brain's performance chart--is affected by the little lies we tell ourselves, the mistakes we need to make, our need to please our instructors, and simulator and memory training.

The Truth About Flying, Anxiety and Fear
Learn why it's often the safest of pilots that make excuses instead of flights, why anxiety should be treated as a normal part of flying, and a three-step process to avoiding panic in the cockpit.

How to Handle First Time Flyers and Anxious Passengers
Discover how to behave around new passengers, how to avoid most common mistakes that scare passengers in airplanes and how to reduce the cockpit stress between pilot and spouse.

Favorite Skills Used By Good Pilots
Learn why good pilots scan behind an airplane as well as ahead of it, are sometimes rough and bully-like on the flight controls, occasionally fly without using any of the airplane's electronic navigation equipment, don't worry about turbulence breaking their airplanes, master airspeed control as a means of making better landings and much more


List Price: $29.95
Now: $24.95

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Customer Reviews For Rod Machado's Plane Talk:
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Friday, July 27, 2012
Rod Machado"s sport pilot handbook
by Jack ,Glendale, az. from Glendale AZ USA 

Pros: Color illustrations, Quality, humor while learing.
Cons: negative: cons
Review: The master template of how a pilot training handbook should be written.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Good information
by A Customer from KY USA 

Review: If you are looking to find or study a particular subject matter then this book won't help much. If you read the entire book you might find what you are looking for. You will be a better pilot after you read it. It does make you think.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
This Is The Best
by Al from Morris Township, NJ USA 

Review: This is the best aviation book I ever none. Although it is nearly the size of a phone book, I found it to be informative, humorous, and enjoyable reading. I even sent one to a friend.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
A Wonderful Gift for that Special Flight Instructor
by Laurie from Waukesha WI USA 

Pros: Easy to read
Review: I gave this book as a gift to my flight instructor, who left to take a job in a different field of aviation. Because Rod dedicates this book to his students, from whom he learned so much, I felt it so appropriate to give to my CFI. We all hangar talk and share stories, and this book holds some of Rod's best.
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Monday, August 27, 2007
Simply the best way to learn
by John from Indianapolis, IN. 

Pros: This is a fun book to read and learn from even if you are an experienced pilot. Everything is explained in terms you can understand and enjoy.
Cons: I don't think there are any cons, simply a great book.
Review: I purchased two of these books, one for my thirteen year old son who has been flying for two years and his mother who just started taking lessons. Both think the book makes learning everything about aircraft much easier. Both have shelved their class books and are using Rod's books with much success. The humor makes learning some tuff stuff much much easier.
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