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Jeppesen GFD Private Pilot Kit - Part 141 information
List Price: $253.70
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Product # 2101

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Jeppesen GFD Private Pilot Kit - Part 141

- 25 customer reviews.

Jeppesen GFD Private Pilot Kit - Part 141

Jeppesen Private Pilot Kits, developed for both FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 141 training programs, are the most complete private pilot training packages available. Purchasing a kit is an economical and convenient way to obtain current, comprehensive, and integrated materials that will make the journey to your private pilot certificate successful.

Rather than just teaching facts, GFD concentrates on an application-oriented approach to pilot training. The comprehensive and complete system emphasizes the why and how of aeronautical concepts when they are presented. As you progress through training, you'll find that the revolutionary GFD System leads you through essential aeronautical knowledge and exposes you to a wide variety of interesting and useful information which will enhance and expand your understanding of the world of aviation. Although each element of GFD may be used separately, using all of the individual components in a systems approach can maximize the effectiveness of the materials.

What you'll get:

Private Pilot Manual
The Private Pilot Manual is your primary source for initial study and review on your journey to becoming a private pilot. The intuitive organization and colorful presentation of the manual helps you learn quickly from the start. The text contains complete and concise explanations of the fundamental concepts every private pilot needs to know, with the subjects arranged in a logical manner that builds upon previously introduced topics. You can expand your knowledge of specific subjects and the world of aviation by exploring the Discovery Insets strategically placed throughout the chapters. To help you understand how your mind and body function during flight, human factors principles are presented in Human Element Insets. Throughout the manual, concepts that directly relate to FAA test questions are described in FAA Question Insets. To help you review material more effectively, key terms are highlighted throughout the text and listed at the end of each section along with a checklist that summarizes important concepts. Additionally, you can evaluate your understanding of material by completing the associated questions found at the end of each section.

Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual
This Private Pilot Maneuvers manual uses step-by-step procedure descriptions and over 100 full-color figures to help you visualize and understand each maneuver you perform in the airplane. Skill Enhancement Insets provide expanded instructional guidance, helpful hints, explanations of common errors, and rules of thumb that can help you perform each maneuver precisely the first time. To prepare for your private pilot checkride, you can refer to the associated FAA practical test standards presented with each maneuver description. In addition, exercises allow you to evaluate your understanding of the maneuvers. For easy reference, the maneuvers are numbered and grouped into categories based on similar operational characteristics. The spiral-bound design allows the manual to lay flat for ease of study and instruction, whether you are on the ground or in flight.

Private Pilot Syllabus
The Private Pilot Syllabus provides a basic framework for your training. Ground and flight lessons are coordinated in a logical sequence to ensure that your training progresses smoothly and that you are consistently introduced to topics on the ground prior to being required to apply that knowledge in the airplane. The compact spiral-bound design makes it convenient to use on the ground or in the cockpit. Ideal for FAR Part 141 pilot training and easily adapted for FAR Part 61 training, the syllabus features lesson objectives, flight and ground time allocations for all lessons, coordination of academic support materials with pilot training, an enrollment notice, and graduation certificates.

Private Pilot Stage Exam Booklet
This set of three exams provides a valuable tool for testing your comprehension of subjects covered in the Private Pilot Manual. The Stage I Exam covers airplane systems, aerodynamic principles, and the flight environment, as well as communication and flight information. The Stage II exam allows you to test your knowledge of meteorology, weather data interpretation, and the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). Questions regarding airplane performance, navigation, and the application of human factors principles are included in the Stage III Exam.

Private Pilot Record Folder
The Private Pilot Record Folder provides an effective way to record all ground lessons, written exams, flight maneuvers, and flight checks during your pilot training. Instructors can easily document all of the training required for private pilot certification governed by both FAR Part 141 and FAR Part 61.

Airman Certification Standards: Private Pilot Airplane
The Airman Certification Standards (ACS) is the guide for students, instructors, and FAA-designated examiners to know what applicants must know, do, and consider for their FAA Knowledge Exam (written test) and practical test (checkride) to earn their pilot certificate or rating. The goal of the airman certification process is to ensure the applicant possesses knowledge and skill consistent with the privileges of the certificate or rating being exercised, as well as the ability to manage the risks of flight in order to act as pilot in command.a

Private Pilot Airmen Knowledge Guide
This test guide contains all of the FAA recreational and private pilot airplane knowledge test questions, along with the correct answers, detailed explanations, and study references. Subject areas are organized by topic and coordinated with the Private Pilot Manual. The three-hole punched, perforated pages provide flexibility so you can select and remove specific pages for effective study. A unique sliding mask for self-testing, as well as full-color charts identical to those on the FAA test, are included with the test guide.

Pre-Solo Written Exam
This exam is designed to address the aeronautical knowledge subject areas that are required by the Federal Aviation Regulations prior to solo flight, including applicable regulations, local airspace and airport procedures, as well as the flight characteristics and operational limitations of your training airplane.

Private Pilot FAA Exam Package
This package contains the FAA Question Bank (reprints of all test questions) for the recreational and private pilot airplane knowledge tests, test supplements (charts, diagrams, and appendices for reference), as well as sample tests and answer sheets.

Metal Slide-Graphic Computer (E6B)
Heavy duty metal construction assures long life, high accuracy and enduring quality. Solves low and high speed problems. Non-glare finish. Complete with instruction manual and carrying case.

PN-1 Navigation Plotter
The classic opaque background allows easy identification of WAC and Sectional chart scales. The laminated design protects visibility of printed scales for years to come. The scales are calibrated in statute and nautical miles. Size: 12-1/4 x 4 inches

Pilot Logbook
Designed for lifetime durability, this 96-page permanent record offers large flight time category spaces, arranged according to FAA regulations. Its become the standard of the industry. Its printed on -easy-eye- green pages that resist -bleed through-, and bound with a high quality, scuff-resistant cover.

FAR/AIM Manual - Paper
An excellent study or reference source, the new, larger format includes 14 CFR 135 with complete pilot/controller glossary. Changes are conveniently indicated. Including FAR Parts 1, 43, 61, 67, 71, 73, 91, 97, 119, 133, 135, 141, 142, HMR 175 and NTSB 830, the FAR/AIM uses special study lists to direct students to the appropriate FARs. You can check students' understanding of FARs with exercise questions tailored for private, instrument, commercial, and helicopter. A free Update Summary is available on Jeppesen's web site.

Student Kit Bag
Not only does this bag contain all of your private pilot training materials, it is also an excellent first flight bag. Numerous outside pockets help you organize such essential items as your charts, flight computer, fuel tester, plotter, and flashlight, as well as pens and pencils, while a convenient double zipper opening provides easy access to flight materials inside the bag. Carry your supplies in comfort with the wide removable shoulder strap. Reinforced bottom. Constructed with durable PVC backed 600 denier poly.

Compare the training kits:

Private Pilot Kit Components Part 61
Part 141

GFD Private Pilot Manual x x x
GFD Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual x x x
GFD Private Pilot Syllabus x x
GFD Private Pilot Stage Exam Set x x
GFD Private Pilot Student Record Folder x x
Airman Certification Standards x x x
Private Pilot Airmen Knowledge Study Guide x x x
GFD Presolo Written Exam x x x
Private Pilot FAA Exam Package x x
FAR/AIM Book x x x
Student CSG Computer (E6B) x
Metal CSG Computer (E6B) x x
PN-1 Navigation Plotter x x x
Pilot Logbook x x x
Private Pilot Kit Bag (black) x x
Navigator Bag x
CX-2 Flight Computer x
Private Pilot Prepware Software x


List Price: $253.70
Now: $230.00

Please select one of the choices below:
Include Book Bag?

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Customer Reviews For Jeppesen GFD Private Pilot Kit - Part 141:
Write a review
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Great starter kit
by Loren from Newport News VA USA 

Pros: This is definitely a complete kit for starting flight training.
Review: Great kit. It has everything I need to get started with my PPL training. High quality books and printed material. I expect to get a lot of use from this material. The E6-B flight computer is a much better quality than I expected.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Monday, October 23, 2017
A genuinely excellent product
by A Customer from New Jesey 

Pros: Comprehensive and easly readable
Cons: none
Review: My original CFI asked that I purchase the Jeppesen GFD Private Pilot (training) kit, and I did so. I have no regrets whatsoever. As other reviewers have commented, the material is well organized, and well written. Much of the material is taken from the FAA publication The Pilot's Handbook, and from the FAA publication The Airplane Flying Handbook. However, the advantage of the Jeppesen kit is that all of the individual resources are linked to each other, and the Jeppesen kit, in total, is an excellent foundation for understanding and mastering both the knowledge aspects and the practical aspects of the Private Pilot examination process. Using this kit, I passed the written knowledge test without difficulty, as well as the oral portion of the Checkride. It should go without saying, however, that there is no substitute for cockpit time, and this material certainly cannot substitute for practical experience.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Great for new pilots!
by A Customer from Albuquerque NM USA 

Pros: Great layout
Review: I love the format and the flow of the whole course. I like that it is divided into many books and not just one overwhelming one. I took off a star because I would rather pay a little more for the books and get the videos too than pay a lot for the books and then need to pay a lot again for the videos.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Thursday, March 03, 2016
Good Product
by A Customer from Hubbard OH USA 

Pros: Comprehensive material
Cons: Bag is worthless
Review: Great product to help a beginner learn to fly.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Good kit for Private Pilot
by N M from Fremont CA USA 

Pros: Good kit, exhaustive material.
Cons: Answers to stage exams will be helpful. Plotter and Computer quality can be made better.
Review: The kit comes with everything you need. The E6B computer and plotter are good enough to solve the purpose. If you are following Part 61, you may not need the Stage Exams but, it's good to give those exams and get it reviewed by your CFI. I follow the syllabus as provided in the kit. The GFD (Guided Flight Discovery) book is very good. The book helps in your fundamentals and if you follow up with AIM and Pilot Handbook for Aeronautical Knowledge, you will be equipped to score good in your knowledge test.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Thursday, January 08, 2015
I would buy this product again, if it had the flight computer with it.
by Ed Dellarco from Brookfield OH USA 

Cons: No electronic E6B flight computer in the kit.
Review: The kit contained all the items necessary to get started on acquirine the private pilot certificate. However it did not contain an electronic E6B flight computer. Otherwise I would rate it a 5.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Saturday, March 30, 2013
You won't be disappointed!
by A Customer from Pensacola, Florida  

Pros: Everything you need to ace flight school
Cons: Price although everything in aviation is expensive
Review: My flight school said I wouldn't need everything in the kit and discouraged me from buying it. This kit is invaluable. While the other students in class struggle through manuevers and test, I ace the tests and master the manuevers well before my classmates.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
by Raineesh from Eastman GA USA 
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Monday, January 30, 2012
Why the weird bag?
by Robert from Providence RI USA 

Review: Good stuff. Textbook is clear. Lots of good illustrations. But why the weird carrying bag with the cloth strip dividing the top? That makes it a PITA to use.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Sunday, October 02, 2011
I would by this product again
by oscar from miami FL USA 

Review: It's a must have for training.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
by Kristen from Boothwyn PA USA 
Pros: It's what I need for my classes.
Cons: None
Review: Met expectations
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Review: The fruits for education are bitter but sweet when they pay up later in live.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Sunday, June 13, 2010
by Travis from Placerville, CA 
Review: Wonderful materials that I will be using for a while for study references. Well worth the purchase.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Very Complete, more than I need
by Kip from Bankston AL USA 

Pros: Just about everythhing needed is in here.
Review: This seems to have everything a new Student needs to get started and all the Instructor needs to conduct the training.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
A must for any student in a Part 141 program
by Fred from Warwick RI USA 

Pros: Everything you need.
Cons: Knowledge test manual needs better layout
Review: Everything you need for your 141 PPL course. Textbook well written and easy to understand. Topics that will appear on the knowledge test are highlighted in each chapter. Price of the kit was cheaper than what my flight school was asking. The knowledge test manual that is aligned to the textbook needs to have the graphical references (sectionals, weather charts, airport information, etc) on the same or opposite page as the question(s) they relate to. Unfortunately, you must keep flipping back to the reference page to answer questions on subsequent pages
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Sunday, August 09, 2009
Clear prop and get in the air!
by Douglas from RINGWOOD NJ USA 

Review: I love the format of the textbook and the highlights of key words. It really makes the learning on the ground easy!
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Saturday, July 25, 2009
by Dwayne from North Logan UT USA 

Review: Great product. Has all you need to prepare for the FAA private pilot test both written and flight portions. It has tons of materials to practice taking exams. If you use them all you will be more than ready for the test.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Friday, February 20, 2009
Private Pilot Training
by Suzy from Clarkston MI USA 

Pros: easy to understand
Cons: none that I found so far
Review: This kit is easy reading. I am refreshing myself to update my pilot's license and my husband is learning so he can be my copilot.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Very good buy for any pilot
by Patrick from Spokane WA USA 

Pros: Informative, complete, good quality materials
Cons: lots of information, seems overwhelming at first.
Review: A very informative collection. Everything you would need to pass the FAA exams. A must buy for every pilot
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Monday, April 28, 2008
Great starter kit
by Luis from belleville IL USA 

Pros: fast shipping, received item in like 3 day@!!!!!
Cons: the bag is a cheap, china town, $5 dollar bag that's over priced.
Review: The material is very useful and puts everything in laymen terms.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
FAR 141 Private Pilot course materials, Good buy!
by Rick from Bethlehem PA USA 

Pros: Complete, including FAR/AIM manual - up to date
Review: Everything was as described, easier and cheaper than buying piece parts!
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Sunday, January 20, 2008
Awesome package with great value
by Shawn from MIAMI FL USA 

Pros: Awesome Kit everything included to start school and more
Cons: Sometimes I wish I had a video to see things in a different percpective
Review: The information is clear and concise, until you get to the airspace area and class airspace and then you want something more visual although you can find that on the internet. The weather section is next and it looks like a handful of information. I would recommend this to anyone interested in their private pilot but sometimes wonder if their cd selection was not a better choice. Well we will see.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Confusing at first but complete at last
by Cardinal from Cleveland TN USA 

Pros: Very informative and structured
Cons: Sensory Overload at first
Review: This product was both overwhelming and enlightening. When the product was received I immediately opened the package and began to look at what I had bought. I quickly became overwhelmed until my instructor sat down with me and explained the program. My instructor is now using the structure of this program for me and other students that are starting to fly. The information is very informative but the book is a little thick and slow to start. P.S. I soloed Yesterday and what a rush (Lost the shirt tail) [Editor note: Congratulations!]
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Saturday, November 10, 2007
By far the best
by Alex from Dallas, TX 

Pros: Text format, Value, and just the Jeppesen reliability
Cons: Bag is a little heavy
Review: Every aspect of flying for the private pilot in a heavy black bag. You wont be disappointed. You cant go wrong with Jeppesen, and I assure you it is worth the extra dollars for the part 141.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Thursday, July 05, 2007
by Evan Reich from  
Review: I would have liked to have seen the test bank and questions in a computerized disc format. It would have made it a bit easier to study. Flight Computer was bent upon arrival
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No




Previous Customer Questions For Jeppesen GFD Private Pilot Kit - Part 141:
Ask Your Own Question
On Sunday, March 22, 2009 a customer asked:
This is all new to me. What is the difference between 61 and 141?

Flight Schools are either certified under Part 61, Part 141, or both.  Part 61 and Part 141 certified flight schools offer the same basic training and require the same FAA exams. The major difference is the training environment. Flight schools certified under Part 61 offer a flexible (less structured) training program in which their training syllabus is not subject to FAA approval.  Flight schools certified under Part 141 provide a structured training program with a standardized training syllabus approved by the FAA.

As far as the kit goes, the textbook and the foundation are the same for the 61 and 141.  With the 141 kit You just get some extras such as the Private Pilot Syllabus, Stage Exam Set, Record Folder that wouldn't really be needed in a Part 61 program.  You also get the metal flight computer (E6B) as opposed to the cardboard version.

In general, flight schools offering a Part 61 program are much more popular.

Manufacturer Part Numbers: 10011887-011 10011887-011 10011887-011


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