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Pilot USA PA 17-79T ANR Headset information
List Price: $479.00
Now:  $459.00

Product # 2088

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Pilot USA PA 17-79T ANR Headset

- 10 customer reviews.

Pilot USA PA 17-79T ANR Headset

This is the same as the PA 17-79 but it also includes a built-in cellular phone interface.

Originally designed for the military, the new PA 17-79 DNC XL headset is now available for general aviation and is positioned to be the leading ANR headset for the quality conscious consumer. Taking full advantage of closer tolerance mil-spec components the Independence provides an additional 18-22 dB of active noise reduction at 100 Hz. A panel mount version of the Independence is also available. The new PA 17-79 XLP was designed to be used on the International Space Station and is now also available for general aviation use.

Enhanced Voice Intelligibility (EVI)
The Independence headset has incorporated into its integrated circuitry a proprietary DSP circuit which enhances all audio within the speech frequencies. The result is more intelligible incoming ATC transmissions. Incoming speech frequencies are amplified 2-4 dB for more clarity and intelligibility. This is particularly favorable for pilots who may have suffered some hearing loss over the years.

Modular Flexible Design
The PA 17-79's modularity includes some unique features. We have designed the Independence headset to be modular with the introduction of a detachable comm-cord and microphone boom. This modularity makes the unit "field repairable". Pilots can use the headset without the comm-cord when they are doing their preflight around the aircraft. The detachable comm-cord enables the user to use the headset in different applications by simply purchasing the appropriate comm-cord. Industrial users can wear a modified version with or without a microphone and protect their hearing as well as have the flexibility to walk around without worrying about a power source. The user can adjust the microphone boom from left to right by plugging into the 3.5 mm jack on either the left or right ear cup. One can remove the microphone boom by fully extending the headband to its largest size so approximately only ¾" of the headband is passing through the rubber bushing located in the center of the ear cup. Then grasp the tip of the headband and slowly pull/twist the headband through the rubber bushing. To reattach, line up the molded rubber pieces and headband and snap the rubber molded piece back onto the pivot.

Comfort Features
The headset is fitted with a breathable sheepskin headpad which is attached to the headband with a Velcroâ closure. This headpad virtually eliminates all complaints of hat spots caused by non-breathable synthetic headpads used by other manufacturers. The natural headpad combined with the wide single pivot suspension of the headband assures a comfortable fit. The foam ear seals are extra soft and generously proportioned and fit around the ear to distribute pressure. Silicone gel ear seals are available as an accessory.

Mono/Stereo Selector Switch Individual Ear Cup Volume Adjustments
The Independence DNC headset can be used in either monaural or stereo modes. A selector switch (M/S) and individual right and left ear cup volume adjustments are placed conveniently on the comm-cord for easy access. Each ear cup's audio volume can be individually adjusted in either mono or stereo mode. This allows users who may have suffered previous hearing loss in one ear to have perfect audio adjustment in both ears.


  • 31 dB Noise Reduction at 100 Hz
  • Totally self-contained unit
  • Electret noise canceling microphone
  • Digital signal processor IC
  • Enhanced voice audio-in
  • Surface mount technology
  • Very lightweight: 15.5 oz. (440 grams)
  • 100% closer tolerance military components
  • Mono/stereo switch
  • Dual volume controls
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • Detachable microphone & boom
  • Battery life: @1000 charges or @5000 hours total usage
  • 10.15 VDC "Smart" battery charger w/LED
  • Sheepskin headpad
  • ISO 9000, 9001 PCB
  • Tamper-proof circuit board
  • Gel coated circuit board for added reliability
  • Field repairable design
  • A custom padded protective case
  • 5-Year factory warranty
  • Made in the USA of domestic and foreign components

OPTIONAL:  Enable wireless streaming Bluetooth music and/or cell phone to this headset with our Bluetooth Aviation Headset Streamer.





List Price: $479.00
Now: $459.00

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Customer Reviews For Pilot USA PA 17-79T ANR Headset:
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Amazing product and customer service
by Pat from SLO from San Luis Obispo, CA 

Pros: quality; price; customer service & backing of their product; longevity of model
Cons: none
Review: Bought a Pilot PA 17-79 as my very first headset, back in 1999 (I think they had just come out, one of the first ANR headsets out there). I still use it today. About 10 years after buying it, I sent it back to replace the battery, and the guy who answered the phone (no machine!) talked me into 'overhauling' the headset for essentially the same price as the new battery. I got brand new gel ear cups (a really nice upgrade) along with the battery, and a headset that looked brand new when it came back. I don't see why you'd ever want to buy anything else. Love that headset. I'm not sure, but I think they are even made in the US, and priced competitvely. Go figure.
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Sunday, August 14, 2016
Solid Peformance
by A Customer from Tucson, AZ 

Pros: No battery box--Good passive and active ANR- Clear audio
Cons: Slightly heavier - No bluetooth
Review: I've been flying with this headset for over 10 yrs in a older and noisy turbo normalized Mooney and I'd be hard pressed to find a better performing headset without spending double the price. As the batteries are in the headset, yes it's a bit heavier than some other ANR's, but you don't have a battery box dangling from the cords and you can detach the cable and use them as hearing protection during preflight. The rechargeable batteries last around 10hrs on a charge.
The headset and mic audio is crisp and intelligible. Comfort hasn't been an issue for me, even on longer XC's. I've flown with a few bargain ANR's and both the older and newer Lightspeeds and Bose models. The bargain ANR's were clearly inferior. The ANR performance of the late model LS's and Bose may be marginally better, but if you lose the ANR on those sets their passive attenuation is so poor you'll have very little hearing protection. If your looking for a moderately priced ANR headset with above average performance I'd seriously consider the PA-1779.
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Really Quiet and Really Ugly
by Chip from DuPage, IL 

Pros: Very quiet and comfortable
Cons: Rather ugly and muddy voice
Review: Starting with the out of box experience, this is one darn ugly headset, and the POH is rather thin. Getting past the ugly factor, the design philosophy of this headset is to make it field repairable. The cord is detachable and easily replaced, the power switch is a standard plunger on the earcup, the microphone boom has a replaceable cord on the earcup, the charger jack doubles as the boom input and the auxiliary input is also a standard 1/8 jack on the earcup. All of this gives you a handful of jacks and cables on the earcup which looks pretty ugly, but remember, cables are the weak spot on every headset. Even if you take good care of your headset vibration will likely take its toll, so I believe the replaceable cables are a good solution, despite the ug factor.

After charging up the headset it was time to give it a test drive. The headset is comfortable, although a little taller. So tall that I was scrapping the headband on the ceiling and had to lower my seat. Even without using ANR the headset is very quiet, and with the ANR running the headset made for a very different and cozy flying experience. This is, indeed, one very quiet headset. One reason for the noise reduction is that this headset also limits the frequency response of the microphone, so everyone on the intercom will appreciate hearing less prop wash, but the downside is that voice sounds a little muddier. The music input frequency response is not limited, but keep in mind that this headset is not designed for the recording studio.

So its ugly, and voice is a little muddy sounding, but the headset is comfortable and very quiet.
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Friday, July 26, 2013
Not so good
by A Customer from NZ 

Pros: Good hearing protection when batteries go flat
Cons: Squealing issues, even after they had been sent back for repair. Side bands slip when adjusted, have to keep readjusting
Review: There are some good qualities about this headset, but it is a heavy heatset compared to some that are coming out. Clamping was a bit tight still after adjusting out. Ears ache after an hour. Band adjustment for your head side keeps slipping to maximum. It squeals with noise cancelling on after an hour or so. I have seen others with the same issue on other forums. Main wire going into head broke easy, one ear piece only working now. Buy a Bose A20, if you are worried about your Bose battery going flat, take a spare with you when flying.
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Monday, January 09, 2012
Best I have tried so far...
by Be1900 and Q400 Pilot from Seattle, WA 

Pros: Comfortable, quite, still good with dead batteries.
Cons: Not the best ANR you can buy, but still great.
Review: I used this headset for 2 years of commercial flying in regional turboprops so far. I have also had Lightspeeds, David Clarks, and Bose, and I like these best. One good thing about them is that if the battery dies, you still have a great headset that you can use just fine, unlike the Lightspeeds, that turn into a complete pile of junk with dead batteries. They are super comfy, provide great noise reduction. Perhaps not the best active noise reduction, but they are within 95% of the others, and still being useful after the battery dies, that makes them the best choice that I have used so far.
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Wednesday, December 07, 2011
Great ANR headset value
by Comanche Cruiser from North of Philadelphia, PA 

Pros: Value, comfort, noise reduction effectiveness, voice clarity
Cons: Limited audible range for listening to music
Review: I've flown about 1500 hrs with this headset over 11 years. It is very effective at reducing noise and improving communication clarity. Passive NR is good, ANR is very good. The unit is comfortable and reasonably light.

After 11 reliable years, I sent it back for a refurbishment. The manufacturer is great to deal with and reasonably priced. I can't wait to get it back.
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Monday, February 22, 2010
Not what I expected
by A Customer from Daytona Beach, FL 

Pros: Comfortable, good passive noise reduction
Cons: Active noise reduction is nowhere near what the manufacturer advertises
Review: I have had this headset for about six months and other than being comfortable, it doesn't have much else going for it. The Pilot USA website shows graphs comparing the ANR of leading headsets like Bose X and Lightspeed, each showing that this headset has more decibels of ANR than the leading competitors. I have used both Bose and Lightspeed headsets and they have exponentially better noise reduction than the 17-79. I have also had to send it to Pilot USA because of a defective mic. I would not recommend this to others and I will be purchasing a different brand in the near future
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Monday, July 13, 2009
by MHG from Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Pros: Good price. Good customer support from manufacturer
Cons: Passive noise reduction is inferior to my ol' PNR David Clark headset
Review: Would not fit my (large) head without substitute cushioning obtained directly from the manufacturer. They were friendly and helpful. The passive noise reduction was clearly inferior to my good ol' David Clark H10-13.4, so even with the ANR turned on I wasn't blown away with the total noise reduction. Everything was plastic and I'd be concerned about its longevity. Has a good warranty. Unfortunately, I think that you'd likely need a warranty repair in that period.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008
Comfortable to wear, excellent noise reduction.
by Claudius from Kassel, Germany 

Pros: Turns into an standard headset without power, comfortable, excellent noise reduction
Cons: A more illustrated user's manual would be great
Review: I just started flying and I have tested some different models of headsets. This headset had convinced me in every way. It is comfortable to wear, the mic boom can be adjusted precisely. First I used it without the ANR enabled (due to not having charged the batteries) and even then it has an excellent noise reduction. And then, with charged batteries it seems like actually switching off the enginge. Remarks: Pilot USA should really be able to provide a better user's manual. No pics at all. In times of cheap switching power supplies, a wall charger with a wide input voltage range would be convenient.
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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Great product. I would buy again
by Herbert from Fairfield CA USA 

Pros: Great in every way except as noted below
Cons: I would move the 'power on' LED from the ear cup to the volume control in order to better verify that the headset has power.
Review: After twenty years away from the cockpit, I resumed flying. I wear hearing aids and even with a headset (cheap one) I was missing radio calls. Since I fly in Northern CA. Around the SF Bay area, good radio communications are a must. Since I began using the PA 17-79T ANR Headset I have no problems hearing and talking with ATC. These are a great product and would recommend them to everyone.
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