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Cyclic & Collective More Art and Science of Flying Helicopters information

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Cyclic & Collective More Art and Science of Flying Helicopters

- 2 customer reviews.

Cyclic & Collective More Art and Science of Flying Helicopters

Written from a pilot's perspective, this unique book provides a comprehensive overview of helicopter flying. It provides an unparalleled insight into all aspects of the modern helicopter, from turbine engines to Automatic Flight Control System, including descriptions of phenomena not explained elsewhere. 

The book is arranged in two parts: 

Beginner's section which covers the fundamentals of helicopter theory, performance and flying. Numerous examples of how different fundamentals interact, as seen from the cockpit, are presented. 

Advanced section covers material relevant to those who already know how to fly helicopters but are interested in understanding more about the machine. This section uses many of the chapter headings of the first part but goes into much greater detail. The material on autorotations is the most comprehensive in any book on helicopters and the viewpoint is always from the cockpit.

Review by Helicopter International
The author is a well-established helicopter test pilot, with considerable experience too of more commercial flying in some of the demanding areas of the world. Consequently he is well qualified to provide advice and guidance for both the beginner pilot and the professional, as well as those who want to know more about helicopters and how they work.

However to dispense that advice needs more than experience. It also needs a pilot who can write in an easy-going, explainable manner, ideally with a sense of humour to keep the reader awake and interested. Fortunately Shawn Coyle has that knack and this, his second book on the art and science of flying helicopters, is a pleasure to learn from.

Paperback, 458pp.
ISBN 0972636803
by Shawn Coyle

Table of Contents
Some Fundamentals
Introduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics
The Rotor Blade
More Basics of the Helicopter
Air, Wind and Weather
Basic Helicopter Performance
Balance and Weight
The Aerodyamics of Autorotation
Instruments and Warning Systems
The Piston Engine

Dear Student
Before You Strap In
Helicopter Flying - The Basics
The Divine Art of Hovering
'Twixt Heaven and Earth'
Lift-off and Touchdown

Introducing Emergencies
Engine Failures for Beginners
Peculiarities of the Helicopter
Flight Manuals, Rules and Regulations

For the Professional Helicopter Pilot / Instructor
Advanced Helicopter Aerodynamics
Flight Controls and Rotor Heads
Advanced Performance
Other Components
Advanced Helicopter Flying
More Instruments
The Turbine Engine
Advanced Engine Failures
Advanced Emergencies
Multi-Engine Helicopters
Stability and Control of the Helicopter

Further Peculiarities of the Helicopter
Other Helicopter Types
Night and Instrument Flying
Automatic Flight Control Systems
Miscellaneous Musings


Now: $44.95

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Customer Reviews For Cyclic & Collective More Art and Science of Flying Helicopters:
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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Know before you go!
by Jerry from Penns Grove NJ USA 

Pros: Takes a difficult subject that is dry and boring and presents the material in a way that anyone can understand.
Cons: I'd change the cover of the book,
Review: Had someone gave me this book prior to starting flight school and I had taken this book to study for about 6 months, I would have saved thousands and thousands of dollars in flight training. Flight schools are mostly conducted by pilots with little experience that are trying to get enough flight hours to get a real job, paying a decent amount of money that they can live on, they are not concerned about your knowledge of the how and why. This book covers in detail the how and why, so had I read it, I would have been able to go thru flight school much faster, and not wasted a lot of time, learning in the air burning up the flight meter trying to figure it out on weekends. Flight Instructors should be paid better than commercial pilots, so that there is an incentive for first rate instructors to actually care about teaching, I highly recommend this book as a must for someone that is remotely interested in going down the path of flight training.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Excellent and professional reading material
by Patrick from West Palm Beach FL USA 

Pros: covers all aspects of helicopter systems, operation and flying, easy to understand
Cons: you have to read it which takes a little bit of time
Review: Excellent and professional reading material for those who want learn more than a syllabus. It covers all aspects of helicopter flying, starting with the easy stuff and basics and goes on with more detailed knowledge concerning all kind of helicopter operations, systems and flying skills. Even toppics you will not read about in other books are covered like wearing a helmet or not. Written from a professional for professionals or those who are on the way to become one. By far one of the best books ever published.
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