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Bose Proflight Aviation Headset information

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Bose Proflight Aviation Headset

- 13 customer reviews.

Bose Proflight Aviation Headset

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Designed for the professional pilot, the new Bose ProFlight is the smallest and most comfortable aviation headset Bose has ever produced, with many new features designed specifically for airline and corporate aircraft flight decks.

New features include three user selectable levels of noise cancellation, a unique tap control for talk-through communication and quick release, side-swappable boom microphone and down cable. All engineered into a form factor unlike any other headset—a highly stable, in-ear configuration without the usual intrusive deep-insert eartips. The new Bose ProFlight is FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified. Now there’s a Bose aviation headset that is right for you, whether you fly in a cockpit or on a flight deck.

Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset:

  • Improved comfort for hours of use, achieved through choice of materials, distribution of weight, low clamping force and dedicated left and right earbuds – all without sacrificing stability.
  • Incredibly small and lightweight (4.9 oz / 139 g on-head).
  • Electret noise cancelling microphone for clear transmissions.
  • Audio optimized with active equalization for enhanced communications with or without an intercom or hot mic system.
  • Three unique levels of user selectable acoustic noise cancelling providing users with a range of noise reduction to meet their needs in multiple scenarios.
  • Tap control for talk-through communication.
  • Bluetooth capable for wireless audio connections to EFBs and mobile phones, with audio prioritization to mix or mute wireless audio with intercom transmissions.
  • Bypass communications mode provides primary ICS audio with or without power to the headset
  • Built to latest ARINC standards and FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified.
  • Available with twin plug, 5 pin XLR, 7 pin XLR or 6 pin LEMO plug configurations.
  • Auto-off: All configurations of the ProFlight Headset feature auto-off technology which powers down the headset when not in use and saves battery life.
  • Side-swappable boom microphone and down cable, no tool required.
  • Durable and robust design made to endure the wear and tear of everyday use in tough environments.
  • Three-year limited warranty with acclaimed service.
  • Auto-on: Certain configurations of the ProFlight Headset will turn on automatically when the avionics master switch is in the on position, using the ship’s power to operate.

Bose ProFlight App
The Bose Connect App, for Apple and Android, is free to download. The app is not necessary or required for headset operation but it does provide unique functionality to the Proflight including: Music/Audio share Easy connecting and renaming of connected Bluetooth devices Product tour and troubleshooting info Periodic updates to provide additional capability.

What's included with your Bose ProFlight Headset?

  • ProFlight Aviation Headset
  • Carry case
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Control module holder
  • 3 sizes of StayHear+ Sport tips (S, M, L)
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Aircraft connector (Dual Plugs, XLR5 or 6-pin Lemo)

Trade-Up Program

Aviation Headset Trade-In Program Trade in your old, working, headset for credit towards the purchase of the Bose Proflight headset!
Get the details of our Headset Trade-In Program.

Battery Usage
Two AA batteries power 45+ hours of use without Bluetooth and at least 25 hours with Bluetooth on. Aircraft powered variants are also available. Users switch seamlessly from battery power to aircraft power without compromising headset performance. All models feature auto-off, which powers down the headset automatically when not in use. Select models offer auto-on.

Bose Proflight Headset versus Bose A20 Headset
They are completely different headsets and have different fundamental architectures, although they share features such as Bluetooth capability, selectable stereo/mono and auto-on/auto-o . The A20 features an around-ear design and is meant for noisier aircraft, such as non-pressurized single engine models. The ProFlight features a headbanded, in-ear design and is meant for crewed aircraft, typically pressurized and less noisy, like most jets.

Bose Proflight Headset Models Available:

  1. Standard Dual Plugs (PJ-068 and PJ-055) (Bose 78912-3020)
  2. Panel Powered for aircraft wired with a 6-pin Lemo / Redel connector (Bose 78912-3040)
  3. 5-pin XLR for use in the Airbus or other aircraft equipped with XLR5 (Bose 78912-3070)


Now: $995.95


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Customer Reviews For Bose Proflight Aviation Headset:
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Friday, October 12, 2018
Didn't live up to the hype
by Andrew from Blackwood Caerphilly United Kingdom 

Pros: Liked the tap through bit
Cons: Not enough noise reduction for the ERJ , Microphone not good enough
Review: My day job is seat number one left on the ERJ 145 and I've been using my faithful Bose A20's for a few years now. Recently, I read with great excitement there was a new contender for the role of 'defender of my ears' in the Bose camp. The new Bose ProFlight.

In September I happened to be in America and took the opportunity to purchase a set. Following my return to Nigeria where I contract fly, I was excited to try out my new purchase. I lasted a week before returning to my old A20's

Before I go into why, I think it's fair to say Nigerian ATC is horrendous and does involve a lot of 'say again'

My main issue is the mic, I found I had to use my left hand to move the mic almost into my mouth to be heard. I also found, even using the smallest buds that my ears were sore. Finally, a small point but its also fiddle to fit back in the case at the end of a long day

Overall, maybe it will work for bigger jets but not for regionals.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018
by Bambirelo from Garner NC USA 

Pros: Excellent audio listening.
Cons: Plug cord to stiff and short from the controller to aircraft connector airbus
Review: The headset are definitely not confortable to wear after a couple of hours, the cable is very stiff and gets annoyingly in your way with head movements. The double tap feature gets activated with a slam on the cckpit door of the folding table on airbus, the noise reduction in high cancelling position is great, the other two positions are useless. The good, very clear ATC radio even at lowest volume, Bluetooth works fantastic for listening music or movies.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2018
Overkill. Awesome product
by Charlie5 from Philippines 

Pros: Goodlooking headset with quality sound
Cons: Takes a few flights to get used to wearing it
Review: I've been using my Bose Proflight for a month now and so far I am very pleased with it. It's a very good looking headset and the sound quality is what you would expect from a Bose product. It takes a few flight to get fully used to wearing it. The cable is a bit heavy but not a deal breaker. The noise reduction is a bit overkill in a quiet cockpit such as the A320. You absolutely do not hear anything in high setting. I have mine set at medium with one earbud fully in and the other halfway out. For me this works the best. Overall its a great headset and another quality product from Bose
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Wednesday, October 03, 2018
Great purchase
by A Customer from UAE 

Pros: Quality of the product is amazing
Cons: Put it back on the case, but after a time using it you get used to and learn how to put I back easily.
Review: Meet my expectations. High quality headset. So happy with it.
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Wednesday, October 03, 2018
by Luis from Secaucus NJ USA 
Review: Great headset.
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Saturday, September 15, 2018
Just great
by A Customer from Mission TX USA 

Pros: Light, great looking, works as expected being a bose
Cons: Seems fragile, the carrying case it's kind of nuisance
Review: An excellent and comfortable headset, my plane is not as quite as others and still works great.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Positive overall with a couple of small annoyances
by David from Middle East 

Pros: Light and comfortable, great audio levels. Blue tooth works well as well
Cons: Cable is too heavy, tap function average, packing away a challenge

I fly the Airbus A380, the cockpit is relatively quiet, but my hearing is deteriorating slightly over time. The pro when I first used it was a little different than a normal headsets. Firstly the buds took some time to get used to as fitting them takes practice. But after several long trips now I don't notice them and tend to use just the left one for the radio. The right one clips neatly onto the head pad and is out of the way. I now only have the radio volume at 1/4 instead of the ear splitting 3/4 to full before. I am not missing any calls and am able to hear the ATC instructions/replies very clearly. I have worn it continuously for 9 hrs and not felt any discomfort to the side or top of my head. Overall very happy but took several trips to work it out.

The worst thing about it is the thick heavy lead that is attached to a super light weight headset. Whoever thought that was a good idea obviously never used it. After several attempts to secure the cable in different places I have found that it needs to be clipped forward of your head as the exit point of the cable from the headset near the microphone point is angled forward??? By clipping the cable to the left hand window sun screen anchor point it now gives an unimpeded movement when reaching across the cockpit to adjust FCU inputs or look at the overhead without the cable pulling the headset off. Bose really didn't do that well.

Packing it back into its carry case after use is like wrestling a mad python into a bag!! But you do have to practice this too. For $900 it should be a bit more straight forward.

The "tap" function is only marginally acceptable as it tends to also amplify the ambient noise as well as the voice your trying to hear. (Which is more why the right one stays stowed when the interphone is not being used)

Overall I love it, a A couple of niggles, but I can wear it for hours and I don't feel as tired listening to the radio over India belching nerve tingling noise constantly for hours.

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Monday, September 10, 2018
Love them!
by luis H from Cancun, Mexico 

Pros: Lightweight and the Noise Cancellation.
Cons: Fragility and the case...
Review: They are awesome, lightweight, the NC it works even on a c182... in the jets it should be a AAA headset I think... no complaints!
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Friday, September 07, 2018
by Marc from Lake Worth FL USA 
Pros: Light but not that much lighter
Cons: Constantly adjusting ear buds. I would get the standard ones if I buy again.
Review: Works but constantly adjusting it the C clamp doesn't hold well on my head. And the ears plugs are never secure even after try different sizes. Cockpit wind noise near window always loud and takeoff roll causes noise reduction to go on and off with double tap
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Thursday, August 23, 2018
Better than I thought
by Daniel from Phoenix AZ USA 

Pros: Lightweight, Sound quality, Ease of use of bluetooth, nice protective case to store the headset in.
Cons: If not used to an in ear headset, takes a little adjustment. Other than that I don't have any at this time.
Review: If you are looking for a lightweight headset these are pretty awesome. It's a difference of on ear vs over ear. I've used them in a Falcon 2000 and a Lear 45 and the sound quality and clarity are excellent. Better system for connecting to bluetooth items and overall weight is really light.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Needs a bit more "pilot input"..........
by karl from hollywood, fl 

Pros: great noise reduction, light, comfortable (takes some getting used to) compact (vs other NR headsets)
Cons: microphone/cord tangle consistently, cord is too bulky and stiff, and putting in back in it's case is a puzzle in and of itself, and the cost is a bit exorbitant.

I was excited to receive my Bose Proflight headset. It's compact, light, and has great NR capabilities. Music via bluetooth is exceptional.The hard shell case is nice..........but this product has a few "problems" in my opinion.

The combination mic/cord was not thought out very well and is more of a distraction than it should be. The stiff cord is very noticeable when turning your head. The "head comfort" bars certainly take some getting used to. Putting the headset back in the case is a bit of a puzzle....... Would I buy it again? Probably not. I was hoping it would be a lot better than it was since it was really advertised as quite a step up from other headsets. $1000 seems a bit steep for this product.

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Thursday, August 02, 2018
Amazing noise canceling
by Wildman319 from Cape Canaveral FL USA 

Pros: Everything
Cons: Seems a little big at first but u get used to packing it away easily
Review: Airbus 320, I have to use the middle noise canceling or it's too quiet.
Comfortable even for a 4-5 hour flight.
The double tap for the pass through conversation is perfect.
Us old guys can use all the we can get and this hits the mark.
Really nice for calling mx and dispatch at the gate without having to hear over all the normal noise while loading pax.
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Thursday, August 02, 2018
Great replacement for A20
by SWA FO from Parkville MO USA 

Pros: Comfort and sound
Cons: Tap feature and cord entanglement
Review: Have flown with this for 2 weeks now. Fit is unusual but lighter and more comfortable for the long haul, easy to get use to. Sound is great, Bluetooth sounds great. Noise cancelling is better than A20. 4 stars vs 5 because of the 'tap' to hear function. After turning that function on, the microphone picks up more background noise and amplifies it. It?s louder than if you had nothing and makes it hard to hear someone talking. Hopefully they can send out an update to correct that. Other slight issue is the cord and mic connection. They are too close together and constantly get entangled.
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Manufacturer Part Numbers: 789812-3020 789812-3020 789812-3040 789812-3070


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