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ASA CX-3 Pathfinder Flight Computer information
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ASA CX-3 Pathfinder Flight Computer

- 13 customer reviews.

ASA CX-3 Pathfinder Flight Computer

The most versatile and easy-to-use aviation flight computer for fast, accurate flight planning and calculations. Using the latest microchip and display technologies, the features and functions of the ASA CX-3 Flight Computer make it the most useful aviation calculator available. Includes 4 AAA batteries.

The ASA CX-3 Flight Computer makes flight planning simple by taking confusion out of the equation. Fast, versatile and easy to use, the CX-3 delivers accurate results quickly and efficiently. It can be used on all FAA and Canadian pilot, mechanic, and dispatcher knowledge exams. Whether used for flight planning, ground school, or knowlledge testing, the menu organization reflects the order in which a flight is normally planned and executed, resulting in a natural flow from one function to the next with a minimum of keystrokes

Multiple aviation functions can be performed on the CX-3 flight computer including those related to time, speed, distance, heading, wind, fuel, altitude, cloud base, standard atmosphere, glide, climb & descent, weight & balance, as well as a holding pattern function to help determine entry method and holding details. A calculator, clock, timer and stopwatch are also built in along with mutliple settings for lighting, backlighting, themes, scrolling speed, time zones and more.

The sleek design, and ergonomic fit and finish of the CX-3 make for easy transport. The protective cover comes off the front and snaps onto the back of the computer. A no-slip-strip prevents the CX-3 from sliding around on smooth desk surfaces. A Theme feature provides a convenient way to switch from Standard view to Night or Daylight views. The backlighting feature controls the brightness or intensity of the screen, and the buttons on the keypad will light up in Dusk and Night modes for use in darker environments. A Favorite feature provides quick access to your most frequently used function and store the Aircraft Profile will let you store numbers specific to your aircraft.

The ASA CX-3 Flight Computer Features:

  • May be used for FAA and Canadian Exams
    The CX-3 complies with FAA Order 8080.6 and Advisory Circular (AC) 60-11, "Test Aids and Materials that May be Used by Airman Knowledge Testing Applicants"; therefore, you may bring the CX-3 with you to the testing centers for all pilot, mechanic, dispatcher, and FAA exams.
  • Numerous Aviation Functions
    Calculate everything from true airspeed and Mach number, fuel burn, holding patterns, to headwind/crosswind components, center of gravity (CG), and everything in between. The menu structure provides easy entry, review, and editing within each function. Multiple problems can be solved within one function.
  • User Friendly
    The color LCD screen displays a menu of functions, and the inputs and outputs of a selected function, for easy-to-read menus and data displays. The inputs and outputs of each function are separated on the display screen so it is clear which numbers were entered and which were calculated, along with their corresponding units of measurement. The menu organization reflects how a flight is normally planned and executed. The result is a natural flow from one function to the next with a minimum of keystrokes: to plan a flight, simply work from the menus in sequential order as you fill in your flight plan form.
  • Non-volatile memory
    All settings including aircraft profile, weight and balance data, trip plan data, values entered by the user, and calculations performed by the device will be retained until the batteries are removed or the user performs a memory reset. Follow the CX-3 User Guide for info on backing up and restoring memory.
  • Ergonomic Design
    The CX-3 features a simple keyboard and slim design. The non-slip cover will protect your computer inside the flight bag and it fits on the backside of the unit for easy storage while in use.
  • Unit Conversions
    The CX-3 has 12 unit-conversions: Distance, Speed, Duration, Temperature, Pressure, Volume, Rate, Weight, Rate of Climb/Descent, Angle of Climb/Descent, Torque, and Angle. These 12 conversion categories contain 38 different conversion factors for over 100 functions.
  • Timers and Clocks
    The CX-3 has two timers: a stopwatch that counts up, and a countdown timer. The stopwatch can be used to keep track of elapsed time or to determine the time required to fly a known distance. The countdown timer can be used as a reminder to switch fuel tanks, or to determine the missed approach point on a non-precision instrument approach. An internal clock continues running even when the flight computer is turned off. UTC, destination and local time can be displayed, and the time can be set with UTC, destination or local time.
  • Interactive Functions
    The CX-3 is designed so the functions can be used together. You can perform “chain” calculations where the answer to a preceding problem is automatically entered in subsequent problems. Standard mathematical calculations and conversions can be performed within each aviation function.

Dimensions: 3-1/3" W x 6-1/2" H x 3/4" D


List Price: $99.95
Now: $79.95

Add ASA CX-3 Pathfinder Flight Computer To Cart

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Customer Reviews For ASA CX-3 Pathfinder Flight Computer:
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Friday, October 12, 2018
Great tool!
by Dr. Nic from Okemos MI USA 

Pros: Nice, simple UI, firm positive button feel, clear display and appropriate selection of algorithms. Attractive case and rugged. Good job.
Cons: For its purpose, I have no complaints
Review: I just passed my FAA Knowledge exam with a 95% using the CX-3 during the exam and during the online training by Gleim. I much prefer the CX-3 to the slide rule-like E6B computer. I used slide rules all through my initial education as an engineer during the 60's and I do not want to go back there. I recognize the issue with batteries and loss of function compared to the E6Bs and that's why I have two CX-3s; one as a back up.
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Thursday, October 11, 2018
Seems to be a good, useful aviation planning device
by Bob from Cedar Mountain NC USA 

Pros: It is small & light weight. The screen is bright enough to see in sunlight.
Cons: The cover should slide on/off like the CX-2. Easier to operate wearing flight gloves that way.
Review: This unit was purchased to replace the previous CX-2 flight computer, which over time, failed to work correctly & became unreliable. The "flow pattern" of needed computations is good; the stored data from the previous calculation is carried forward to the next calculation, as in pressure altitude to density altitude. The unit can do many calculations, and it does take some study to become familiar with all that the CX-3 can do, but so far no major learning curve issues.
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Wednesday, May 09, 2018
Good purchase for me
by A Customer from GEORGIA 

Review: I'm still learning all the different ways to use it. I don't know that I had to have it, but I think it was a good purchase for me. Good price from a good store.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2018
by from  
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Every student should own one
by Dale from Santa Clara CA USA 

Pros: Very intuitive and work flows easily between functions.
Cons: none
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
EB-6 is Superior to the CX-3
by A Customer from Liverpool TX USA 

Review: I find the EB 6 far better do I am going to replace the CX-3 with an EB-6
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Monday, February 05, 2018
Great product
by mike from OR 

Pros: Great looking easy to operate.
Cons: protective cover a small pain to get off.
Review: Easy to read and operate. This is allowed in for testing which I needed it for.
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Monday, February 05, 2018
Awesome accuracy
by Karen from Grand Rapids MI USA 

Review: I bought this for my son who is taking aviation classes. Very accurate and holds so much information. Best gift ever
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
by Andre from Sandton South Africa 

Review: Had the 1990 model of this and what a difference! - Great to finally see a newly developed product! - great to use and intuitive

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Monday, January 08, 2018
by Scott from Moweaqua IL USA 
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017
by Chico from Cureglia Canton Ticino Switzerland 
Pros: Tutto
Cons: niente
Review: Prodotto molto buono
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Sunday, December 03, 2017
Would buy 7 more if I could
by Fernando from Drummondville QC Canada 

Pros: Easy to use, well made, reduces work time drastically.
Cons: Software a bit laggy sometimes, you can see weird black spots onscreen when typing down something.
Review: The ASA CX-3 Pathfinder, what can I say? When you thought nothing was ever gonna be as good as the ole Trusty CX-2 comes the CX-3 sayin' holdma beer.

It is with all honesty one of the best aviation products I have ever purchased, really easy to use, good quality, well-made, user-friendly and most importantly it does the job is supposed to do flawlessly, it is quick on the operations and it really reduces workload and time planning your flights exponentially. It is a sure upgrade from the already great CX-2, apart that the screen is a sure upgrade from the black with green background game boy like screen from the previous version.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Great Product
by Alexander from Charlotte NC USA 

Pros: This is a very handy product that make your calculation time very easy.
Cons: I have no cons
Review: I am a student pilot and I love this calculator for the ease of use as well as making calculating time much faster over the slide rule. I would honestly say this is a must for any pilot.
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