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Universal Instructional Trainer Airplane information

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Universal Instructional Trainer Airplane

- 3 customer reviews.

Universal Instructional Trainer Airplane

The Universal Trainer is the world’s first instructional airplane model boasting a modular design with added components to realistically simulate a multitude of aircraft types and aerodynamic principles. It features movable control surfaces, high or low wing capability, engines with propellers that really spin, landing gear, and magnets to control the center of gravity.


  • High or Low Wing
  • Single or Multi-Engine
  • Tricycle Gear or Taildragger

Learn / Instruct

  • Basics – Yaw, Roll, Thrust, Drag, Pitch, Angle of Attack, Main Aircraft Components, etc.
  • Power – Propellers Really Spin! P-factor, Counter vs Contra-Rotating
  • Engine Out Performance - Propellers/Engines can be removed to simulate engine out performance, Asymmetric Thrust, Critical Engine, Emergency Procedures.
  • Landing– Demonstrate the perfect landing attitude, Short or Soft Field, Landing Gear Failures
  • Center of Gravity – Move the CG Magnets as desired. Weight and Balance, effects on Maneuvering Speed, etc.
  • Maneuvers – Power On or Off Stalls, Spins, Steep Turns, etc.
  • Low vs High Wing – Visibility, Landing Characteristics, Aerodynamic Stability, Ground Clearance, System Differences, Performance


  • Assembles in Seconds – No Taping or Cutting Required
  • Movable Control Surfaces
  • Made of Strong, Flexible, Lightweight, UV and Moisture Resistant Plastic
  • 15.75” Wingspan is small enough to Fit In Most Flight Bags but large enough for Classroom Instruction, Weighs Less Than 5 oz.
  • Spare parts - 2 Extra O-Rings and 2 Pieces of Tape
  • A heavy duty zip top poly bag is included for storing the small components

Package Contents

  • Wing, Fuselage, Left Aileron, Right Aileron, Left Flap, Right Flap, Horizontal Stabilizer, Elevator, Rudder, Main Gear, Nose/Tail Wheel, 2 Engines, 2 Propellers, 4 Rubber O-Rings, 2 Magnets (to change CG), 2 extra pieces of tape.


Now: $29.95

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Customer Reviews For Universal Instructional Trainer Airplane:
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Thursday, July 06, 2017
does the job - expensive for what it is
by Adam from Sherman TX USA 

Pros: helps to illustrate complex concepts in a simple way
Cons: unsure of long-term rubustness, but won't break the bank if it falls apart in 5 years either
Review: Has everything it needs to demonstrate the forces of flight and effects of controls. I am not sure how it will hold up against repeated use - the surfaces are held on with metal tape, for which they have provided some replacements. Some of the parts are a somewhat brittle - the piece that holds the propeller on snapped when I dropped it... but a bit of superglue and its all fixed up. But short of buying a fully-functioning RC model, this really helps get the points across in a simple way
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Monday, May 22, 2017
Good news - sturdy, bad news - HEAVY!
by Michael from Petaluma, CA 

Pros: rugged, moving assemblies, multiple wing positions
Cons: cannot actually demonstrate the affect of moving the center of gravity - plane immediately crashes

Yes, it's well designed with lots of functionality. On the other hand, don't even think about attempting to actually throw this "airplane!" At a whopping 3 ounces, call it a paperweight, a rock or a lead zeppelin... but please - NOT an airplane.

MyPilotStore Comment:  This item isn't intended to be a "paper airplane" type glider.  It's meant for classroom theory instruction only.

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Thursday, May 04, 2017
Great tool for flight instructors
by Donald from San Jose CA USA 

Pros: Easy to use. Intuitive.
Cons: Control attachments may need replaced after much use - easily done
Review: Excellent tool for teaching the basics of flight controls and flight dynamics
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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