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very nice fabric, until it shrunk

  • By Richard from San Jose CA USA on Thursday, April 16, 2015
  • Pros: The nicest fabric of any pilot shirt I've ever worn.
  • Cons: Sleeves too short after washing and drying
  • Review: I really liked the fabric. But after I washed and dried the shirt, the sleeves were a little too short. The long sleeve 34/35 length is now about a half inch too short. The Van Husen Aviator 34/35 length sleeves still fit after washing, but this shirt does not fit any more. The pockets are a little too small to fit my passport while still buttoning the pocket flap.
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meh, won't buy again

  • By Capt Chris from Potomac River on Tuesday, September 23, 2014
  • Pros: its white, wasnt missing any buttons
  • Cons: weird fit, thin material
  • Review: Not sure what is going on here. It looks like this shirt used to get good reviews. But what just came in the mail is not what I was hoping for. The material is definitely a lot thinner than what I was expecting. I'm 6" 220lbs and I ordered a 17.5 34/35, this is my dress shirt size that I own many of. Something about the way this is cut makes the sleeves seem 2 inches shorter than they are. I held the shirt up to one of my dress shirts, and the sleeves are identical. So I guess its just an odd fitting/cut shirt. I usually roll my sleeves up, so I'm keeping the shirt. But if that is not your plan, I'd order up in sleeve length or avoid this shirt all together
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OK but needs some design changes

  • By A Customer from Charlotte, NC on Tuesday, November 06, 2012
  • Review: I've been flying foa a major for over 15 years and continue the search for a really great shirt. Was hoping this was it. Overall a good shirt. A couple points:

    1. The false flap on the left pocket is not really a false flap, it's sewed throught the middle to provide a pen divider. The result is the pocket is not really useful as a false flap.

    2. I am normally a 33" sleeve. I ordered the 34/35 and the sleeves are short to the point of annoyance. Not very good QA here. The cuffs are tight but not as tight as many shirts made in the Asian marketplace. The collars have a tendency to pop up but do better under heavey starch.

    3. On the bright side, the cotton/poly mix works well and the shirt is correctly tapered to give a clean appearance. If the collar and pocket flap were fixed, and the sleeves actually cut to the length specified, this would be a great pilot shirt.
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a little over rated

  • By Mark from Ellicott City MD USA on Wednesday, January 23, 2013
  • Pros: good fit
  • Cons: thin and greying to early
  • Review: This shirt is OK . It has good sleeve length to advertised size but the neck size runs larger than advertized. The fabrick is greying to fast it has been professionally cleaned 5 or 6 times and looking thin and grey.
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  • By Jeff Scott from Bartlett TN USA on Wednesday, January 29, 2014
  • Pros: comfortable material, bright white color
  • Cons: not enough length in the body or the sleeves
  • Review: The shirt is advertised as a tall with 36/37 sleeves. The length of the shirt may be a tad longer than non tall shirts but it needs more length all the way around as it comes very close to pulling out of my pant's waistband after I have sat down and then stood back up a number of times. Additionally the sleeves are at best on the low end of the 36 inch length. There's no way they are anywhere near 37 inches. When I raise my arm straight out in front of me there are close to 2 inches of bare wrist that is uncovered by the shirt's sleeve because it is not a true 36/37 sleeve length. In summary, add a little more length to the shirt's body length and a good inch and a half to the sleeve length and you've got yourself a fine shirt.
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  • By Steve from Alexandria, VA on Wednesday, March 11, 2009
  • Review: The AP shirts arrived today. I found them to be More, not less, tapered than the Van Heusen Commanders. Your ad states "This is a generous, full-cut shirt that will easily accommodate larger torso. For average or smaller frames, we recommend buying a half size less or consider the Van Heusen pilot shirts which are slightly more tapered. Tie and epaulets sold separate." This statement doesn't ring true as they are much tighter than the VH.
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