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How does the subscription program work?

When new chart editions are released, we pay extra to have all of our charts sent directly from the Government Printer to our warehouse via FedEx Priority Overnight Service. We hire extra employees to help with the additional work-load when new charts are released. Our goal is to have all charts enroute to you seven calendar days before the old charts expire.
You don't have to worry about showing up to the plane and finding yourself with an out-of-date chart. We make sure it's delivered to your door when you need it.
We offer discounted prices on all of the charts we sell. And, we offer free shipping on any folded chart such as a Sectional or World Aeronautical Chart. Discounted prices, free shipping, and no sales tax (except in Arizona).
You can choose a one-time edition or subscription of any chart. Pick either the current chart or the next available chart.
We keep your billing information securely on file and charge you only as charts are sent. There is no reason to pre-pay for a year or two in advance.
If you selected a subscription, you will automatically receive the charts as they become available -- about every six months for Sectionals, and every 56 days for IFR charts.
Cancel or modify your subscription at any time. There are no long term-commitments and no future obligations.

To start a subscription or buy charts for on a one time trip, just visit our Chart Center.




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