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Composite Basics

Composite Basics

Highly recommended by most composite airframe manufacturers. This manual explains the theory, working techniques, and details of various types of glass, carbon and kevlar fibers, resins, adhesives, foams, and honeycombs.

Further sections include the basics of manufacturing composites and design methods and are extremely relevant for those employed by component manufacturers and those involved in aircraft self design projects.

Tooling and manufacturing methods, designing, stress, loads and load testing, vacuum bagging, autoclaves, and more are discussed in a technical, yet understandable manner.

This is more than a simple "how to" manual. Instead, it contains the information necessary to give confidence to the builder or technician tasked in the design and construction of simple to complex parts for simple and complex aircraft.

An easy-to-read book covering all of the materials and processes used in the field of composite structures.

This book is a basic reference and source of guidance for those who are interested in specific information regarding the many materials and construction methods used in building composite parts and structures. Primary emphasis is placed on structures used in amateur built aircraft, high performance boats and race cars.

Materials addressed are fibers and fabrics based on E-glass, S-glass, pan based carbon, pitch based carbon, the several Kevlars, Spectra, and even a brief coverage of Zylon. All the commonly used resins and the fiber-resin interface are also covered.

The application of these materials to both solid laminates and sandwich structures is explained in subsequent chapters, with examples of actual structures in current use. The sources of materials used and other useful information are covered in detail in the several Appendices at the end of the book.

Published 2007
7th Edition
202 pages, paperback
Andrew C Marshall 


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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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