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Airplane Rigging information

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Airplane Rigging

Airplane Rigging

Airplane rigging has a large influence on aircraft performance and is often the most easily changed. This manual on airplane rigging continues on where most manuals and instructions leave off, and provides some answers to the many questions that arise when building or rigging an airplane.
The factors driving the various rigging geometries are discussed, and methods and tools of measurement are illustrated for many different situations and airplane configurations.

For the homebuilder, the techniques, tools, and procedures given in this book may be used both during and after the construction process. This information is intended to supplement the kit or plans for an aircraft. This manual also discusses experimenting with the rigging of an airplane to increase performance and control in a particular phase of flight.

The maintenance technician of certificated aircraft will find the tools and techniques provided here to be useful in daily shop operations. Troubleshooting rigging problems can be a frustrating and drawn out process. Older aircraft often lack comprehensive maintenance data and their overall structural designs and hardware are no longer commonly used in aircraft construction. This manual discusses many of those factors.

For the pilot, this manual gives insight to the rigging factors driven by design, and provides the language to describe the behavior of the aircraft in unambiguous terms to the mechanic.

Airplane Rigging Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Airplane Geometry and Definitions
Chapter 2 Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Affecting Rigging
Chapter 3 Rigging Tools
Chapter 4 Factors in Rigging
Chapter 5 Initial Rigging
Chapter 6 Correcting Rigging Problems
Chapter 7 Vibration
Chapter 8 Powerplant Rigging
Chapter 9 Aeroelasticity and Control Surface Mass Balancing
Chapter 10 Landing Gear Rigging and Vibration
Chapter 11 Biplane Rigging
Appendix A Math for Rigging

Copyright Date: 2007
Edition: 1st
Pages: 208
Binding: Paperback


Now: $24.95

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