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Aircraft Powerplants information
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Aircraft Powerplants

Aircraft Powerplants

The most comprehensive, current guide to aircraft powerplants.

This authoritative textbook contains all the information you need to learn to master the operation and maintenance of aircraft engines and achieve FAA Powerplant certification. The book offers clear explanations of all engine components, mechanics, and technologies. This ninth edition has been thoroughly revised to include the most current and critical topics. Brand-new sections explain the latest engine models, diesel engines, alternative fuels, pressure ratios, and reciprocating and turbofan engines. Hundreds of detailed diagrams and photos illustrate each topic.

Aircraft Powerplants, Ninth Edition, covers:

  • Aircraft powerplant classification and progress
  • Reciprocating-engine construction and nomenclature
  • Internal-combustion engine theory and performance
  • Lubricants and lubricating systems
  • Induction systems, superchargers, and turbochargers
  • Cooling and exhaust systems
  • Basic fuel systems and carburetors
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Reciprocating-engine ignition and starting systems
  • Operation, inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting of reciprocating engines
  • Reciprocating engine overhaul practices
  • Principal parts, construction, types, and nomenclature of gas-turbine engines
  • Gas-turbine engine theory and jet propulsion principles
  • Turbine-engine lubricants and lubricating systems
  • Ignition and starting systems of gas-turbine engines
  • Turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines
  • Gas-turbine operation, inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, and overhaul
  • Propeller theory, nomenclature, and operation
  • Turbopropellers and control systems
  • Propeller installation, inspection, and maintenance
  • Engine indicating, warning, and control systems

by Thomas Wild and Michael Kroes
9th Edition, January 2018
736 Pages, Softcover


List Price: $80.00
Now: $69.95

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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