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Rudder Fundamentals DVD information

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Rudder Fundamentals DVD

Rudder Fundamentals DVD

Do you admire the skills demonstrated by aerobatic pilots, the pilot who lands a float plane on a tiny mountain lake or the local tailwheel pilot making a perfect touchdown in a strong cross wind? What can you do to become a confident and skillful stick and rudder pilot? Actually there are only two fundamentals to master:

  • Don't cause the airplane to stall.
  • Recognize and control yaw.

This video is about recognition and control of yaw. You will learn:

  • Use of rudder to control adverse yaw, P-factor and gyroscopic forces.
  • Master the Dutch roll, the definitive stick and rudder skill.
  • Slips need to be part of every pilot's portfolio of skills. Learn to use the technique of cross controlled rudder and aileron to perform a plethora, of aerial maneuvers.
  • Flying should be fun! How about some aerobatics?

Key Points Videos are produced by Jim Alsip, a Master Certified Flight Instructor with an aerobatic endorsement.

About the author:
As principal of Dylan Aviation located in south east Florida, Jim Alsip provides specialized flight instruction that has attracted pilots from across the United States, South America and almost every country in Europe. He is a Master Certified Flight Instructor with an aerobatic endorsement, an active member of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC), a charter member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE), and has been an active FAA Safety Team Representative with the Vero Beach, Florida chapter. Alsip regularly conducts PowerPoint seminars at Lakeland, Florida's Sun-n-Fun Fly-In and speaks at FAA's Lakeland Production Facility.

DVD Video. 30 minutes.


Now: $19.95

Shipping only $2.95!
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Sunday, September 23, 2018

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