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Robinson R22 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide information
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Robinson R22 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide

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Robinson R22 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide

ASA R22 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide are a must have for any pilot in command of the R22 Robinson Helicopter. Designed to facilitate memorization and deepen understanding of safe and effective helicopter operations, these flashcards help both civilian and military pilots master the aircraft. They’re not only useful to pilots preparing for their checkride, but also instructors looking for a thorough review to ensure currency and increase safety.

Nearly 400 flashcards are based on Sections 1-8 of the R22 POH. Topics include general information about the aircraft, as well as limitations, normal and emergency procedures, performance, weight and balance, maintenance, helicopter-specific IFR rules and regulations, and a section with special emphasis on R22 systems.

Each card is labeled according to the chapter in the POH from which the question was derived. On one side of the card is the question, and the flip side provides the answer. Questions reflect the information pertinent to safe operations in the Robinson R22 Helicopter. The answers include references to specific material useful for further study:

  • POH - Robinson R22 Pilot's Operating Handbook
  • AIM - Aeronautical Information Manual
  • FAR - Federal Aviation Regulations
  • IPH - Instrument Procedures Handbook (FAA-H-8261-1)


List Price: $24.95
Now: $21.25

Add Robinson R22 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide To Cart

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Customer Reviews For Robinson R22 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide:
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Very helpful, but could use a storage box
by John from McLoud OK USA 

Pros: Excellent way to drill for test prep, or even to learn ab initio.
Cons: No storage box
Review: I gave this set of flashcards a full 5 stars because it does what I expected it to. I was pleased that the cards were divided by systems flight regimes, much like an operator's manual is. The cards are printed in a high-quality glossy finish, but are not the thickest. Actually, I don't think you would want them thicker, because there are so many of them. If they were thick, the stack would be 7 or 8 inches. They don't come with a storage box, but they are business card size, so I bought a couple of cardboard storage boxes on Amazon. Perfect fit.
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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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