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MyBigClip Leg Strap for iPads with Cases information
List Price: $42.95
Now:  $39.95

Product # 8752

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MyBigClip Leg Strap for iPads with Cases
- 12 customer reviews.

MyBigClip Leg Strap for iPads with Cases

The MyBigClip Thigh for iPads with Cases is a super fast, easy, and secure way of using the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad 3 in the cockpit without adding bulk or clutter. The big clips attach to an iPad with a case in either portrait or landscape mode and goes around your leg with a comfortable, adjustable strap to keep the iPad securely positioned on your thigh. The MyBigClip is designed to allow one-handed operation and won't interfere with your yoke or throttle.

Designed for pilots, by pilots.

The MyBigClip works with all Apple iPad, iPad 2, and new iPad 3 models or Acer tablets.   It is meant to be used on an iPad with a case up to 1" thick including the Otterbox. 

If you DO NOT use a case with your iPad, we recommend getting the regular MyClip intead - the clips on this model are too large for a "naked" iPad.

"The MyClip Thigh is well made, easy-to-install, less likely to cause overheating issues, and it works right out of the box. Check it out!"
- Aviation Mentor

"I used it for my 2.5 hour flight in a Cirrus SR22 last night and liked it a lot! Best part was that it was comfortable enough that I quickly forgot that I was wearing it."
- Max Trescott, Master CFI and the 2008 National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year

"Wow, I never thought I would be able to take my iPad on an Aerobatic flight. The MyClip really works great!"
- Judy Phelps, 2011 National CFI of the Year


List Price: $42.95
Now: $39.95

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Customer Reviews For MyBigClip Leg Strap for iPads with Cases:
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Monday, March 10, 2014
by Alex from Denver CO USA 

Review: There is not enough Velcro on the strap. More of the stuff covering entire strap (instead of strips of it) would enable strap to fit more securely around tray table in Airbus.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014
by michael from Derby KS USA 

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Stitching does not hold up
by A Customer from Highlands Ranch CO USA 

Cons: Product poorly constructed. Stiching frays. Strap has no elastic" give."
Review: Company recommended product for securing my ipad. The stitching that holds the clip became frayed then failed after minimal use. The strap that secures the ipad is not designed for the work table on the airbus.
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Monday, June 24, 2013
Works great!
by Patrick from Caldwell ID USAt 

Pros: Quick to get on/off. Stays on your leg well. Stores away on the aircraft easily.
Cons: Can't think of any!
Review: My iPad is in a cover and the big clip goes over the edges of the whole thing. The iPad makes a pretty good knee board for writing notes on while I'm using it too. I have no regrets for buying it.
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Tuesday, May 07, 2013
My big clip
by Stephen from Louisville KY USA 

Pros: Easy to use. Comfortable.
Review: Overall, a good product. The one drawback is that it is oriented at the same angle as your leg. The workaround that I use is to slid my sunglasses case under the top edge of the iPad to tilt it upward to make it easier to read.
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Saturday, April 27, 2013
Simple and effective
by A Customer from Wasilla AK USA 

Pros: Simple
Cons: common sense that one size does not fit all
Review: Fit to my Nexus 7 once I got the Otter Box put on and made some alterations by sewing it to fit.
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Saturday, March 30, 2013
by Patrick from Tuckahoe, NY 

Well, I finally found it, an iPad thigh mount that actually works if it is in a case. Now, granted, my "case" is a standard, hard rubber Apple case, fairly thin, which I like and see no need for anything else. I mean, if I want a briefcase to hold stuff I'll put my iPad in it, not put stuff in an iPad case.

The clips on this guy work perfect with my Apple case lid folded under as per usual for use, no problem. Easy on, easy off. Actually, they are not "clips" as you might imagine. They are just well engineered things that hold on by way of elastic between the two on either side of your iPad, uninvolved with how the whole thing attaches to you. Brilliant! I have tried others and really, they are like wrestling a mongoose to get them attached to the iPad, let alone your leg.You work up a sweat for Pete's sake. Foolishness. This one is the one for me. Easy on, and I can see that with the design it would probably accommodate something thicker and that's fine. It works great for me with the rather slim Apple hard rubber case that I have.

If you want a brief case, get a brief case, flight bag, whatever. Do you really want all that hoorah on your leg in flight? Just asking.

I think I've seen users mention issues with the security of the strap that holds it all onto your leg. I think I see what they are talking about. On one "end" of the strap is a continuous velcro strip, on the other hand, on the other "end" the mating velcro is in little 1/4 inch strips. No idea why they make it that way. Take a look builders?

Give it a try. Mainly if you are tired of trying iPad "thigh holders" that put you into a sweat by the time it is installed on the iPad, or alternatively, if you've tried units that make you nervous about the iPad ending up in the rudder pedals. You will almost certainly like this guy. If you're like me and wondered why something that seems so simple has been hard to make or find, well, in my opinion this is it.

I'm happy with it.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012
Best to date
by A Customer from Aurora CO USA 

Review: Have tried more than one. This works the best. When will there be one for the IPAD mini? The IPAD mini is much better suited for Helo pilots (I think) but now we will need a MyClip for a "mini"
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Monday, October 01, 2012
Not tight enough in portrait mode
by QuiksilverHg from Kingsville TX USA 

Pros: Holds ipad great in sideways mode
Cons: portrait mode the strap lets the ipad wiggle a little too much
Review: In my jet there isn't enough space to turn the ipad sideways so mine is always strapped down in portrait mode. The strap holds it there well enough for cross country flights, but I can't use it for any of my high-g flights.

For pilots who think they would frequently use this product to hold the ipad in landscape orientation it would be perfect, for those who use it only in portrait mode, it could definitely hold it in a little tighter.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
I like it with a few caveats
by Andy from APO AE USA 

Pros: Compact, easy to change between landscape and portrait. Don't need to take cover off.
Cons: Leg strap does not have elastic, no way to tilt ipad! Expensive.
Review: Very practical. The best feature is it is so compact for packing in your flying bag. Good design overall. If your leg tilts down though, so does the iPad. In landscape mode, I was actually able to tilt it a bit using my iPad cover. I think it is possible to design it with a small prop that would hold it up at a small angle (all that's needed). Since the strap doesn't have any elastic, it doesn't hold well on my hard-as-steel (read chicken) legs.
I think it's expensive for what you get - the cost certainly isn't for materials!
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Saturday, September 01, 2012
Very Disappointed!
by Kazoo Da Cirrus Guy.... from North Pole  

Pros: Great Idea....
Cons: Failure in adjustable fit for larger legs....
Review: This product is a great concept; however it's made for skinny persons leg...

Sorry folks not all pilots are one size fits all...

Needs modification for sure!
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Tuesday, August 07, 2012
Great if you have a case on your tablet
by Michael from Hillsboro OR USA 

Pros: Well made, easy to use
Cons: Doesn't work well with narrow tablets.
Review: I think this is a great item, well constructed, and very easy to use. My difficulty was that it really didn't hold my tablet if the case was off. I could find another that would work better, but just be aware that if your tablet is "bare" it won't hold it in portrait mode.
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