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Oxysaver Oxygen Conserving Cannula (Adult) information

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Oxysaver Oxygen Conserving Cannula (Adult)

Oxysaver Oxygen Conserving Cannula (Adult)

The Oxysaver oxygen-conserving cannula is a single-user product for the nasal distribution of oxygen, with these unique features:

  • Reservoir that fills with 18ml of expired air at the initial phase of expiration, which is then enriched or replaced with oxygen during the remainder of expiration.
  • Diaphragm which immediately collapses on initial inspiration, delivering a dose of highly oxygen-enriched air to the deepest portion of the lungs.
  • Soft nasal prongs which offer maximum comfort and place less pressure on the septum.
  • Comfortable - talk, eat, or drink.
  • For use with AEROX flow control and other systems able to deliver low oxygen flow.
  • Extend oxygen duration by up to EIGHT TIMES compared to non-altitude compensated systems with masks or standard cannulas.
  • The only conserving cannula APPROVED FOR AVIATION USE by the manufacturer and tested to 18,000 feet.


Now: $35.00

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On Thursday, January 16, 2014 a customer asked:
How long is the hose?
A: The hose is 5 feet long.



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Friday, October 19, 2018

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