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F-86 Sabre - Combat Legend information
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F-86 Sabre - Combat Legend

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F-86 Sabre - Combat Legend

F-86 Sabre - Combat Legend
by Martin Bowman

With its distinctive wail the F-86 is remembered from the 1950s for its air superiority in the Korean War where it tangled with Russia's MiG-15 in the first jet versus jet combat. It was the first experience of high-speed jet flight for the NATO air forces and it closed the gap with the previously superior Soviet jet fighters. The design borrowed heavily from WWII German high speed flight research but was truly a pilot's airplane.

96 pgs, SB, 7.5x9.5, photos.


List Price: $14.95
Now: $13.01

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Customer Reviews For F-86 Sabre - Combat Legend:
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
by Joel from Seattle WA USA 
Pros: well done... excellent text and photos
Cons: none
Review: Excellent review of the F-86. I flew the F-86H in the MassANG during the late 1960's. After Air Force flight training in 1956-57, I flew B-47's. The AC had flown B-17's in WWII. After not flying for about 5 years, and working at Pratt & Whitney, I, along with two others(the Three G's) were checked out in the F-86H. Years later, chatting with Wally, who I had gone to RPI,etc....both of us commented about our first flight in the F-86H, "what the H.. am I doing up here at ~25 thousand feet by myself" Well, we both loved the F-86H and the experience!! If you wan a few photos, please let me know!
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Sunday, September 23, 2018

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