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Glider BFR and Spring Checkout information
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Glider BFR and Spring Checkout

Glider BFR and Spring Checkout

Glider BFR and Spring Checkout Made Easy provides, in one cover, the material you need to prepare for your flight review or checkout. In it you will find hundreds of tips and suggestions. It takes you on a guided tour of your flying skills and aviation knowledge. Then, it helps you prepare a list of things that you would like to accomplish in the course of your next flight review or spring checkout. With list in hand, call your favorite glider flight instructor and make an appointment for a flight review or checkout. You will find that you are looking forward to the review because you know that it will help you to become a better pilot. You will form a partnership with your instructor as you accomplish the review. When the review is completed, you will have done everything within reason to become the safest and most accomplished pilot you can be. And the benefits of your enhanced knowledge and skills will be with you on every subsequent flight that you make as pilot in command of a glider.

Glider BFR And Spring Checkout Made Easy makes flight reviews worthwhile and cost-effective. When you use this book to prepare for your review you can be confident that you are taking the ‘high road' to increased fun and enhanced safety in soaring.

Author:  Bob Wander

The Gliding Made Easy Series
Introduction: How To Use This Book
A Note To Glider Flight Instructors
FAR 61.56: Flight Reviews
How Can I Improve My Flying Skills?
Glider Pilot's Overview Of FAR Part 91
The FAA "Wings" Program
Technical Subjects
Preflight Preparation
Ground Operations
Aerotow Launch
In-Flight Maneuvers
Approaches & Landings
What If I "Fail" My BFR?
Checklist For Your BFR Or Spring Checkout
For Further Reading
About Bob Wander


List Price: $8.95
Now: $8.00

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Monday, June 18, 2018

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