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VedaloHD Roma Large Square Aviator Sunglasses information

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Product # 5366

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VedaloHD Roma Large Square Aviator Sunglasses

- 1 customer reviews.

VedaloHD Roma Large Square Aviator Sunglasses

"My work is based on absolute performance; when it comes to sunglasses, I am looking for the same thing. Over the years I have tried them all, searching for clarity, comfort and enhanced visual acuity. I promise you that VedaloHD are the best. And they did not pay me to say that."
Sean D. Tucker, Airshow Pilot - Team Oracle

"I am very fussy about what I fly with, which includes my sunglasses. Whether I'm flying cross country or a low level airshow, I need to see what is in front of me including clouds, terrain and the glass cockpit display in my Cirrus. Since I've started wearing VedaloHD, I'm seeing everything better! I love these shades and they seem to like me because I carry them with me all the time!"
Patty Wagstaff, Airshow Pilot, Aerobatic Champion, and National Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee

The VedaloHD Roma is large square Aviator style sunglass with an updated classic look.  It features spring hinged, aluminum frames making it very lightweight.  It fits great on medium to larger faces.   High quality Italian made lens and frame..

Patented HDL-3C Technology: Through tri-stimulus color contrast techniques; this scientifically advanced lens improves the eye's capability to discriminate colors while emphasizing the chromatic differences in the visible spectrum and providing 100% UV protection (UV 400).

The patented HDL-3C lens technology was designed specifically for the Aviation Industry.


  • Improved Color: The HDL-3C lens has a filter built directly into it which equalizes the colors in the color spectrum increasing the eye's receptors response time producing improved color sensitivity and contrast apprehension.
  • Improved Clarity: The HDL-3C lens is a decentered lens that has been scientifically designed to increase visibility and eliminate distortion. The HDL-3C lens costs 5 to 15 times more to produce than other high end polycarbonate lens on the market due to the science built directly into our lens and the highest quality materials used in Italy to produce the finest optics available.
  • Improved Comfort: The HDL-3C lens technology achieves these dynamic results without stressing the physiological vision system. They can be worn all day long without any eye strain.

Highest Quality Italian Lens: This lens was developed and manufactured in Italy by the most innovative and one of the largest lens manufacturers in the industry. The HDL-3C lens costs 5 to 15 times more to produce than other conventional upscale lenses due to the highest quality materials used and the science built directly into our lens.

Polycarbonate Lens: The best optical material with the properties of being lightweight and impact resistant which allows maximum comfort. Polycarbonate is also a natural UV ray inhibitor.

  • Hingeless Design: Lightly hugs your face without spring temples or hinges.
  • Rimless Frames: Drill mounted with plenty of coverage and style without the weight of full framed sunglasses. Enables a spectacular view without frame interference.
  • Made in Japan where all high quality Beta-Titanium frames are manufactured. 
  • Extremely Lightweight: VedaloHD beta titanium sunglasses only weigh an incredible 12 grams!!! You cannot tell you have them on your face. This is the ultimate frame design for headset comfort.

Highest Quality Plastic Italian Frames: Italy is known for the highest quality workmanship and you can feel it in our high end plastic frames! Great looks with highest quality plastic materials available help these sunglasses show off our HDL-3C lenses in the best possible way!

The Best Italian Full Framed Metal Sunglasses: We had the Italian craftsman develop our metal frames with great looks that will last a long time! Most have a comfort spring hinge and all are made from the highest quality materials available.

Scratch Resistant Coating: The best coating applied to protect the lenses from scratching. Please use the free micro-fiber sleeve provided with all our glasses to clean lenses so not to rub off coatings with abrasive cloth.

Free Hard Case: A hard case for your new, technologically advanced sunglasses is provided to protect your investment for your eyes!

Free Micro-Fiber Sleeve: This sleeve is not only additional protection for your investment but acts as the best cloth for cleaning your VedaloHD sunglasses. Please only use the free micro- fiber cloths to clean your new investment your eyes.

The Best Sun Protection: All our sunglasses provide 100% UV protection up to 440 nanometers. They are blue light and infrared effective and exceed all American, Australian, and European optical standards (including traffic light standard).

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you do not agree that these are the best lenses you have ever owned, you have the option to return within 30 days with no questions asked! Please be sure to give them a few days on your face for the increased visual performance our lens offers is nothing like your eyes have experienced before and may take some getting used to. The proof is in the product's superior performance!

Craftsman Warranty: VedaloHD stands behind their quality. If you somehow have a quality issue with our product, they will fix or replace your sunglasses for a year!

About The Lens Choices:

  • Copper- Rose Lenses:  Preferred by pilots for this lens keeps the glare out above the cloud deck and aids in cloud definition and reading instrumentation inside the cloud deck. Great for fast action sports, low light conditions and for those who enjoy a lighter hue everyday. Also preferred by golfers, skiers, baseball players, drivers and those who demand high visual performance in all light conditions they encounter.
  • Smoke Lenses: Smoke lenses are great for use in bright light conditions, and are preferred by those who are often in direct sunlight or who are sensitive to bright light. Pilots in the Southwest and other areas with direct sunshine most of the time often prefer this lens, which is the darkest shade of HDL-3C technology lenses.


Now: $99.00


Please select one of the choices below:
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Customer Reviews For VedaloHD Roma Large Square Aviator Sunglasses:
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Monday, January 18, 2010
Pros and Cons
by Gregory from Salinas CA USA 

Review: Lenses are great. Nose pieces are flimsy. My biggest gripe for a pair of aviator sunglasses - the side frames are to thick for use with noise cancelling headsets.
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Previous Customer Questions For VedaloHD Roma Large Square Aviator Sunglasses:
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On Monday, July 06, 2009 a customer asked:
What are the lens sizes/nose width/earpiece length
A: The Dimensions for the Roma are:  61-14-124 (Eye Size-Bridge-Temple)

Manufacturer Part Numbers: 8001 8000


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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some keywords that may help you find this product: Buy VedaloHD Roma Large Square Aviator Sunglasses VedaloHD 8000 8001 coloreyes Large Square Aviator. Updated classic look. Spring hinged Aluminum Frame so its very lightweight. Great for medium to large faces.