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Piper Archer II Checklist by CheckMate information

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Piper Archer II Checklist by CheckMate

- 2 customer reviews.

Piper Archer II Checklist by CheckMate

Standard Size (6.5" x 9") Double Sided Color Checkmate Checklist.

Please note that the picture is a sample only.  Your checklist will be specific to the aircraft model shown above.

CheckMate makes a dramatic difference in everyday confidence and ease of use, but also in urgent situations. Whether it's an engine failure, icing problems, gear trouble, an electrical or engine fire, or a radio out problem, the emergency procedures are immediately there.

100% Lifetime Guarantee
The plastic substrate used on the Checkmate eliminates the problem of delamination inherent in laminated paper products. CheckMate also eliminates the flipping of pages to search for needed data for each phase of every flight. (You will also find there is no annoying "Refer to POH" common in other checklists). Every word is justified and every word is exact.

Front of the Checklist
The top 2/3's of the front is the actual checklist section covering everything from INITIAL to SECURING. Checkmate is frequently told that this is the most useful, most complete, and most intelligent checklist in the industry. Professional pilots will tell you, that as long as they are complete and concise, single page formats are most always preferred. Safety organizations across the U.S. endorse the Checkmate format.

Below the checklist items, in the yellow section, are all the V speeds, not just a partial listing. The V Speeds are in front of you at all times, not tucked away in a chart somewhere. They even include V speeds for Va and Best Glide at lighter weights. This is important since these speeds are slower with less weight. All speeds are given in KNOTS and MPH. The bottom section shows proper configuration and data for DEPARTURE, CRUISE, and ARRIVAL, such as speeds, flaps, power settings and special notes.

Back of the Checklist
On the back are the EMERGENCY procedures with the subject headings highlighted in red; No time lost reading excessive wording or critical time lost searching through a flip book for the correct procedure …. just concise, logical data that is INSTANTLY available. Again, you will notice our procedures are complete.

Next are light gun signals and common frequencies. The yellow box in the corner gives useful information such as loads, fuel type and capacity, oil, electrical, and tire information. Data you actually use on each flight.

Checkmate Checklist Features:

  • By Far, The Most Complete Single Card Checklist On The Market.
  • Over A Decade Of Time-Tested Evolution, Assuring You Of Having The Most Comprehensive & Accurate Data Possible.
  • Intuitive. Data That Is Logical, Concise, & Complete.
  • Emergency Procedures That Are Found Instantly.
  • No Searching. Procedures That Are Complete & Easy To Read.
  • Accurate & Specific Data And Procedures For YOUR Model/Year Aircraft.
  • The Most Comprehensive V Speed Section In The Industry.
  • Speeds Are Given In Both KNOTS & MPH.
  • Everything On One Card. No Pages To Flip. One Of The Few Checklists That Will Continue
  • Full Color Graphic Layout, Greatly Enhancing Quick Reference & Reduced Eye Strain.
  • A Dedicated Departure, Cruise, & Arrival Section.
  • Fuel, Oil, Electrical, Tire, & Weight Information.
  • Important Communication Frequencies, & Light Signals.
  • Linear Scale for Measuring WAC, SEC, TAC, NOS, ElA, & JEPPESEN Mileage Distances.
  • Since 1992, The Only Company To Offer A Lifetime Warranty To Pilots And Flight Schools.


Now: $15.00

Shipping only $1.95!
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Customer Reviews For Piper Archer II Checklist by CheckMate:
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Thursday, August 23, 2012
Very Detailed Checklist
by Dale from Mineral VA USA 

Pros: Very complete checklist
Cons: Print is a bit too small for older eyes
Review: Very comprehensive checklist. Maybe too comprehensive for me. I did some comparisons and I think this is the best one on the market. I do have to use reading glasses with this checklist but that is more a statement of my eyesight and not the checklist.
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Wednesday, October 05, 2011
Great one page checklist
by Tim from PA  

Pros: Simple, easy to use, durable
Cons: None
Review: I belong to a club and the checklists in the plane are old, tattered, and just don't cover all the smaller details. For just a few bucks I have my own list that I keep with the rest of my supplies and it covers everything I need...normal opps and emergency procedures and I always know where it will be.
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Friday, October 19, 2018

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