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SoftComm C-45-20 ANR Headset - Black information
List Price: $319.00
Now:  $269.00

Product # 4325

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SoftComm C-45-20 ANR Headset - Black

- 6 customer reviews.

SoftComm C-45-20 ANR Headset - Black

Flying can be even more enjoyable with a new Model C-45-20 Headset. These affordable, light weight, rugged models have been quality engineered for clarity, performance and reliability.


  • Amazing Breakthrough in Noise Control - Aerospace technology with new internal noise canceling material.
  • Reduces More Engine Noise that can cause Fatigue. Important for flying safety!
  • -22db. of Passive Noise Reduction, Plus -18db of Active Noise Reduction.
  • Distortion Free Sound - Provided buy the Studio Grade Active Electronics within the headset. Perfect for those who listen to music while in flight, or just enjoy perfectly crisp clear sound.
  • Built For Comfort - Lightweight, only 15.2 ounces Head Weight. Even exceeds Softcomm's reputation for real comfort. Also available in Grey or Black.
  • Easily folds into ball for Compact storage.
  • Noise-Canceling, High Quality M-56 Electret Microphone. With Proprietary Hybrid Amplifier that reduces M/H Cable Noise for superb audio clarity.
  • Portable Power Source - Uses 9 volt DC battery or optional 12 - 28 volt DC power adapter cable. (Battery life can exceed 20+ hours depending on use.)
  • Fail-Safe Power Feature - even when battery expires it allows continued headset use with a passive noise reduction of -22dB.
  • Quality Workmanship Guaranteed - American made and 100% pre-tested before shipping.
  • Three (3) year warranty

Developed and constructed from new durable aerospace materials, these new headsets offer a real breakthrough in both comfort and noise attenuation. For example, the new comfort fitting, adjustable foam-filled head pads are designed to conform to head contours and eliminate "hot spots" on those extra long flights. The super-soft foam ear seals are made to surround the ears with quiet comfort, block noise interference and provide the optimum "no-squeeze" fit for hours of use. (The children's ear seals are especially made the right size just for them.) With a Noise Reduction Rating of -22 dB, plus an additional 18 db of Active Noise Reduction, the Model C-45-20 is above all competition in its price range.

The improved solid state, M-56 electret condenser microphone offers the finest in audio clarity. Likewise, this noise-canceling microphone is capable of rejecting most outside noise and at the same time, provide clear, crisp voice transmission. The four-way adjustable "friction boom" allows for precision placement of the microphone and can be position on either side of the mouth.

The long, 66 inch, heavy duty cable assemblies are made to withstand strains up to 95 pounds and retain their flexibility from -40° to +120°(F). Attached to the cables are gold plated connector plugs which are designed to eliminate connector static.





List Price: $319.00
Now: $269.00

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Customer Reviews For SoftComm C-45-20 ANR Headset - Black:
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Thursday, March 22, 2012
Good unit
by Pete from Alameda CA USA 

Pros: Inexpensive with great NR effectiveness
Cons: Plastic frame--wonder about longevity
Review: If you are wondering whether to buy this one or the SoftComm C-200 for $100 more, I have both. This one has a plastic frame and I am not sure how it would stand up over time with abuse. I am sure it has the same electronics which work excellently (keep the volume turned up or you will miss the ATC it is so quiet). It folds up smaller than the C200 so it makes a great passenger set to carry. Does not come automatically with the gel pads which seal a bit better than the C-45. But it is certainly as good as any of the DC Headset I have used that are not NR. I would buy it again as it is not much more than a quality not NR. The box is a pain, but worth it for the added quiet, but others may differ.
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Saturday, September 18, 2010
by Stan from Stillwater OK USA 
Pros: price and quiteness
Cons: needs better mic, offer a throat mic for open cockpit flyers
Review: Its pretty good, but the mic, too much wind and engine noise. I am trying to adapt a throat mic to use with it. The battery box is big, would rather have two AA cells in a smaller box.
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Monday, September 22, 2008
Noise canceling is Disappointing
by Durga from Plainsboro NJ USA 

Review: Headset deserves only a average or even below average rating. The primary purpose I bought the headset is to use it for the Noise-canceling feature and it failed miserably. The adapter or a little box provided for noise-canceling seems to go off-now, on-now after being put to use, making it a big newsense when used while piloting.
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
A bargain for the price.
by A Customer from Sacramento, CA. 

Review: Comfortable headset. The noise reduction works great. The plastic mounts for the earpieces are a little week. Had one break while putting it on and had to send $10.00 to get it replaced.
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Friday, May 18, 2007
A decent headset for the price...but keep an eye on the detachable ANR block!
by Suzanne Collins from Virginia Beach, VA 

Pros: Low battery indicator on detachable ANR block. Removable earcup covers. Stereo/mono via volume setting. Decent clamping pressure.
Cons: Audio connector easily works loose from ANR block. No visible set marks on volume knobs. No carrying case.
Review: Headset has removable ANR block that's a bit on the clunky side; the idea is perhaps to clip it to the waist, but the downside is that the audio connector comes loose quite easily from the ANR block, and quite frankly, easy to lose, essentially downgrading the headset to passive NR (which is ok for quiet cockpits). Detach the ANR block to save a few ounces from tugging at your head? Instructions straightforward, but you'll save some hassle by using white-out on the volume knobs to mark the low/off setpoint. The knobs required use of some glue to make sure they didn't fall off unexpectedly. It's ok as a backup unit/spare for passenger.
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Friday, January 12, 2007
by A Customer from Carlsbad, CA 
Pros: Shipped fast
Cons: Didn't work first time
Review: This was a Christmas present and the speaker did not work so it was sent back to be replaced. Would have rather it worked right the first time. Headsets are not cheap!
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Previous Customer Questions For SoftComm C-45-20 ANR Headset - Black:
Ask Your Own Question
On Monday, November 28, 2011 a customer asked:
Does SoftComm have gel ear seals as an option to purchase? Thanks
A: Yes, the SoftComm Gel Ear Seals are available for purchase and will fit all SoftComm headsets.

On Friday, May 20, 2011 a customer asked:
Does this product interface with cell phones? Is it battery or panel powered or both?
A: This headset is battery powered or you can the SoftComm 12-28 Volt Power Adapter with it instead. It does not have a cell phone interface.

On Thursday, October 29, 2009 a customer asked:
What is the head band made of, metal or composite?
A: This headset has a composite frame.



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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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