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Jeppesen FliteStar IFR Flight Planning Software - Australasia information
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Jeppesen FliteStar IFR Flight Planning Software - Australasia

Jeppesen FliteStar IFR Flight Planning Software - Australasia

FliteStar IFR - The Premier Desktop Flight Planner! 
All three versions: VFR, IFR, and Corporate FliteStar revolutionize desktop flight planning with extraordinary graphics, superior routing algorithms, blazing speed, and much more - all contained within an incredibly easy-to-use interface. The amazing vivid colors and high definition make FliteStar's customizable maps a cut above the competition.  

FliteStar IFR v9.0 is the world's leading desktop flight planner! It includes all of the features of FliteStar VFR and Jeppesen's exclusive VectorPlus mapping technology and vector chart themes, which offer Jeppesen low and high altitude enroute chart emulations as well as user-customizable charts. FliteStar's chart filtering features allow you to select which chart items are depicted. Intelligent chart de-clutter automatically minimizes label overwrite, making charts easier to read. FliteStar's GPS-direct router avoids airspace vertically as well as laterally, when asked to do so. Integrated terrain data makes your planning easier and more complete by displaying the color-coded elevation information in both the planview and profile views.

Weather animation capabilities allow Jeppesen weather images, including satellite and radar images, to be shown in moving sequence, thus depicting weather trend information.
And, with release v9.0, cloud bases are automatically shown in the profile view when your weather briefing is complete.

FliteStar takes full advantage of Windows 32-bit technology allowing you to customize your screen layout. You can adjust your display to show just a single chart, multiple charts, toolbars, and information bars, or anything in between.

FliteStar v9.0 IFR includes all of the charting, display, and planning features described here and more:

  • TFR view and avoid information directly from the FAA
  • Wind - Aware (pressure pattern) routing
  • Wind component arrows in the profile view
  • Flight optimization displaying the best altitude for saving time and fuel. 
  • Aircraft performance modeling. 
  • DUATS weather retrieval, flight plan filing. 
  • Multitude of printable reports. 
  • Electronic JeppGuide with airport diagrams, hotels, FBOs, etc. 
  • A route wizard that makes flight planning fast and simple. 
  • User-defined waypoints with lat/lon resolution to 5 decimal places. 
  • New highly sophisticated routing algorithms 
  • Route around 15 different types of airspace as well as FIRs/UIRs. 
  • Over 50 aircraft models ranging from a Cessna 150 to a Boeing 757. 
  • GPS upload/download. 
  • Trip Kit and strip chart printing. 
  • Fully compatible with Jeppesen's digital approach chart product, JeppView. 
  • Intelligent chart declutter that minimizes label overwrite, making your charts easier to read without manual adjustment. 
  • Integrated terrain data to make your planning easier. 
  • Weather overlay on any chart. 

FliteStar Minimum Computer Requirements:
IBM compatible PC using Pentium II processor (166-200 MHz or faster processor recommended) with Windows(R) 98SE, ME, 2000, NT 4.0 or higher, XP, or Vista. 8x CD-ROM drive, 64MB system RAM memory, 165 - 900MB hard drive space, (space required varies greatly by coverage area and data loaded), 1MB of 2D video RAM, SVGA 800 x 600 monitor, 300dpi Window compatible printer.


List Price: $399.00
Now: $319.20

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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