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Artful Flying information
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Artful Flying

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Artful Flying

Renowned aviator/author Michael Maya Charles, has created what Aero-News Network called 2005 Product of the Year!   Artful Flying begins in the mind of the pilot, long before he or she sits down in the cockpit. It is more philosophy than procedure, more art than craft, more attitude than aptitude. It is more about human understanding than the challenges or faults of our systems or machinery.

There is outer work in flying, involving the hands, feet and body; we practice that crosswind landing until it feels good to our hands and behind; we shoot that ILS approach until it is second nature, until the procedure is burned indelibly into our short term memory. But there is inner work in flying, too, involving the head, our thinking muscles—the original software. This inner work is what we do the least—and need the most. For years, we've heard that about 70% of our flying accidents are due to human failures. This tells us that with few exceptions, our machines and avionics are pretty reliable; the systems that support us mostly serve our needs. What we need to concentrate on, us. This is admittedly more difficult, which explains why we're less likely to try—and less likely to make rapid or readily measurable progress when we do.

Artful Flying is largely a process of new awareness, yet it's a process that is very old. Native American and Asian civilizations discovered this awareness thousands of years ago. But only recently have we discovered the importance and application of these simple, ancient ways in our lives."

Foreword by Rod Machado.


Jim Cambell of Aero-News Network said "The book takes a fresh approach to the subject matter, is a delight to read, never gets dragged down by the necessary details, and is "artfully" written by a guy who is very comfortable (and respectful) with the written word. It's a heckuva good read and a MUST for every aviator's bookshelf.  Artful FLYING" is the best aviation book we read in 2005... bar none."

Bob Hoover, Aviation Legend said "All my life, I've simply challenged myself to fly more precisely each time I step into the cockpit. Artful Flying shows you ways to challenge yourself, giving you the tools to make your flying a work of art, whether you fly a famous P-51 or a simple Cub. This book could change your life."

Patty Wagstaff, Aerobatic Champion said "This is a great book—and it's different from any aviation book out there. Parts of it remind me of Richard Bach's writing, other parts have the steady wisdom of Richard L. Collins. Flying artfully is one of my highest personal goals and Michael Maya Charles, with Artful Flying, shows you how to make it one of yours."

Scott Spangler, Editor EAA Sport Aviation said "Artful Flying offers 325 pages of smooth, easy-reading prose that not only made me think about my flying—it inspires me to fly and exercise my beginner's mind. At $34.95, it's a sound investment for any pilot, and it'll pay dividends into the future because like Stick and Rudder, I'll reread every year, just before the flying season starts, to start my annual recurrent training." Then Amy Laboda said "The book's charm is that it is subtle, and so are its lessons. Charles draws on his own experiences and the experiences of many other pilots to help you wake up and really see what flying aircraft can be if you practice to the point that moves you way past memorization and mechanical flying to a place where your flying is integral, intuitive, and smooth. A little Zen? Definitely. Right-brained? For sure. Full of truths about aviation? Yep, this book's got all that, and more."

ISBN 0-9768274-0-9
6" x 9" Hardcover
332 pages
By Michael Maya Charles
Foreword by Rod Machado


List Price: $34.95
Now: $29.75

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Customer Reviews For Artful Flying:
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Friday, July 02, 2010
Good for life
by A Customer from Sao Carlos SP Brazil 

Review: This is a book about flying that could be used for everything else in life. It is not a direct technical book rather it is aimed to the practice of flying as an art. Very enjoyable, it is difficult to stop reading. We feel we are a different person at the end.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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