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Takeoffs and Landings information
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Takeoffs and Landings

- 3 customer reviews.

Takeoffs and Landings

Takeoffs and Landings by Leighton Collins

ASA brings an aviation classic back into print: Leighton Collins' Takeoffs and Landings—the Crucial Maneuvers and Everything in Between provides expert, flight-tested techniques pilots need in these critical phases of flight, in every contingency of arrival and departure, VFR and IFR, single and twin, tricycle gear and taildragger. This classic is about the realities of flying into and out of an airport, the practical matters of taking off and landing safely and skillfully, every time.

"With understanding comes the ability to perfect." On this premise Collins builds his analysis and insight into each takeoff and landing— not only why things happen, but how to manipulate the factors toward the desired results. Trim, control feel, flaring, correcting imperfections, airplane design characteristics, atmospheric conditions, pilot skill, airport design, where the pilot's hands and eyes are at each phase…all are clearly explained with emphasis on stall/spin avoidance and the inherent risks of flying low and slow. Readers will find five different ways of touching down, three ways of landing crosswind, a unique description of a light twin on takeoff with one engine out, and an account of a perfect flight and a good landing from takeoff roll to full stop.

In addition to pulling from his more than half a century of personal experience, Collins shares tips and secrets from his observations of airline pilots during their routine check flights, reading military manuals, attending manufacturer's flight training programs, and interviewing aviation's think-tanks: Bob Buck, Fred Weick, Howard Piper, William Lear, etc. The book's Foreword is by Wolfgang Langewiesche. Collins' son, aviation author Richard L. Collins, writes an opening note for this newly "revived" edition with new photography throughout by Tom Lippert.

Leighton Collins is reflected in this book: practical, personable, realistic, and authoritative. Leighton first soloed in 1929 in an open-cockpit biplane. He founded Air Facts magazine—editing and producing it almost single-handedly for 35 years—which was widely recognized as the pioneering force for improvement of the aviation safety record.

Softcover, indexed.
300 pages.
Published: 2005
ISBN 1-56027-555-3


List Price: $19.95
Now: $16.95

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Customer Reviews For Takeoffs and Landings:
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010
A good refresher for attitude and angle of attack. .
by Donald from Apple Valley CA USA 

Review: A good read to help remind you of some of the basics and can help keep you from being complacent.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009
Title isn`t quite right for the book
by btvdan from Vermont 

Pros: Great angle-of-attack discussion... both intersting and safety promoting
Cons: book is not as advertised by it`s title
Review: The good... the book is written in a charming conversational way. The first half of the book is more or less focused on the concept of angle-of-attack. He discusses the problems and pitfalls of not managing angle of attack correctly in all the different types of weather. The author gives us a better appreciation for the topic as well as some no nonsense suggestions for safe flying. However, it`s not really very good writing. At times, the grammar choices are fairly confusing. Though, through context you can figure out what the author is trying to communicate. I would also say the book isn`t really as advertised. The title suggests that we would have more material that helps us understand and analyze the componants that make up good landings. The author does this mostly for managing the approach... but there isn`t much of a rigurous discussion. Some of his suggestions are likely to prove very contentious if you were to mention them to other instructions (I did and they were). Three starts for all the interesting and valuable discussion of angle-of-attack. Without that excellent safety info... I would suggest nobody buy the book.
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
by Gilbert Kesler USAAF retired from Littleton,Co 
Review: This book may save your life....
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Saturday, September 22, 2018

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