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Yoke Clip - Large with 2.5
List Price: $22.95
Now:  $19.50

Product # 3320

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Yoke Clip - Large with 2.5" Rise

- 9 customer reviews.

Yoke Clip - Large with 2.5

Yoke Clip, Large 2.5" Rise

Yoke Clip Pro packs a clip large enough to hold NOS approach plate booklets, has a double wide spring clasp with Velcro mount and a timer post with Velcro. 

Fits aircraft with a 1" to  1 1/2" Yoke diameter.  2.5" Rise

Made to fit:

  • Cessna 177,182, 210
  • Commander 114
  • Piper Saratoga, Warrior, Archer, Dakota, Tomahawk

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List Price: $22.95
Now: $19.50

Add Yoke Clip - Large with 2.5

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Customer Reviews For Yoke Clip - Large with 2.5" Rise:
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Not Sure about This One
by A Customer from Fairfax VA USA 

Pros: Tight grip clip and holder for timer/clock
Cons: See above
Review: For a C177 Cardinal the clip must sit immediately behind the yoke pad, otherwise it doesn't allow for full forward elevator. But there is a slight rise in this area which can cause the clip to pop off if you're not careful to get the Velcro on tight.
Also, the sharp corners on the top of the clip will hit/scratch any instruments or in our case our iPad, when the yoke is full forward.
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Saturday, January 19, 2013
Wasn't sure it would work
by Rodney from Memphis TN USA 

Pros: did stay in place even though it didn't fit perfectly
Cons: Would have to put it on after being in the air because not enough space to put in on while on the ground
Review: It didn't work perfectly but it did work in a PC-12 and a C208B. After each flight in the PC-12 I had to take it off so I could put the gust lock in. I could leave it attached to in the C208B. Definately did what I wanted it to do and that is to allow for me to reference the approach chart when I needed it without having to look down or pick up the chart.
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Monday, August 16, 2010
Works perfect for the King Air
by Brian from Mililani HI USA 

Pros: 2.5 rise is perfect for a King Air so the approach plate hangs nicely. Can put a clock on the top
Cons: The spring in the clip is made with 2 ball bearings and they fall out rendering the clip useless.
Review: I was looking for a yoke clip that would fit a King Air c-90 A and c-90 B. I wanted the plate to hang so I could easily read everything on the clip. This is perfect. The only thing that really sucks about this clip is that the spring is made up with two ball bearings and the spring on one side does not flex back to the same place as the other side. I fixed this by wrapping a thin strip of that heavy duty packing tape...the kind with sting in it. I wrapped that around the bearing sections so the bearing will not fall out and render the clip useless. I have no idea why the manufacturer used this type of spring for what is a pretty beefy yoke clip.
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Monday, June 21, 2010
Good Clip No Frills Clip
by Dale from Cedar Rapids IA USA 

Pros: Sturdy and functional
Cons: Lacks that finishing touch.
Review: Great clip, very functional works great. It would be really great if they could shoot a coat of flat black paint on it; it looks somehow "unfinished".
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Friday, November 27, 2009
I would not buy this product.
by richard from savannah GA USA 

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Thursday, November 12, 2009
As Advertised-Mostly
by Steven from Saint Louis MO USA 

Pros: Fits an out-sized yoke; robust materials
Cons: Don't plan to clip an entire NACO procedures book into the clip.
Review: This clip fits my larger-than-stock Avion yokes exactly. It does NOT easily handle an entire NACO chart book; you can force one to fit, but I suspect the clip would break before long. The extra hardware supplied to allow you to attach a timer fits, but the extra sharp edges and panel obscuration outweigh any convenience at least in my C177B.
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Friday, May 22, 2009
Great Yoke Clip for King Airs
by Carolyn from Gainesville FL USA 

Pros: Perfect for our King Air.
Cons: None.
Review: Perfect for our King Air. Just the right size.
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Monday, March 02, 2009
Great product
by Matthew from Somerville MA USA 

Review: Simple, rugged, gets the job done. Only drawback may be that the riser for the timer can get in the way of your attitude indicator, but I just cocked it off to the side and solved that problem. I'd recommend to anyone.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Works great!
by Gary from Wilmington DE USA 

Pros: strong clip and large, easy to open for attaching approach plates
Cons: caused my timer to sit up high blocking my heading indicator
Review: The clip worked great! I attached my timer to it but noticed it now sat to high blocking my heading indicator. I purchased the smaller version and it works perfect, even with my timer attached!
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