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Jeppesen GFD Flight Instructor Part 61/141 Deluxe Kit information
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Product # 1948

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Jeppesen GFD Flight Instructor Part 61/141 Deluxe Kit

- 1 customer reviews.

Jeppesen GFD Flight Instructor Part 61/141 Deluxe Kit

The Flight Instructor Guided Flight Discovery Training System is designed for pilots with a Commercial Certificate and Instrument Rating seeking a Flight Instructor Certificate. This training system is suitable for a pilot seeking all three CFI ratings, or a basic certificated instructor seeking additional ratings.

Rather than just teaching facts, GFD concentrates on an application-oriented approach to pilot training. The comprehensive and complete system emphasizes the why and how of aeronautical concepts when they are presented. As you progress through training, you'll find that the revolutionary GFD System leads you through essential aeronautical knowledge and exposes you to a wide variety of interesting and useful information which will enhance and expand your understanding of the world of aviation. Although each element of GFD may be used separately, using all of the individual components in a systems approach can maximize the effectiveness of the materials.

What you'll get:

Flight Instructor Manual
The Flight Instructor Manual uses over 1,000 full-color photos and illustrations to help you turn your passion for flying into your profession. The manual presents complete and concise explanations of training techniques that every pilot seeking a basic flight instructor certificate and/or an instrument or multi-engine instructor rating needs to know. Subjects are often expanded upon through the use of Discovery Insets, which are strategically placed throughout the chapters. POV Insets provide examples, from a flight instructor's point of view, of how learning and teaching concepts can be applied in real-world training situations. Periodically, human factors principles are presented in Human Element Insets to help you teach your students about how their minds and bodies function in flight. Throughout the manual, concepts that directly relate to FAA test questions are described in FAA Question Insets. To help you review material more effectively, key terms are highlighted throughout the text and listed at the end of each chapter along with a checklist, which summarizes important concepts. Additionally, you can evaluate your understanding of material introduced in a particular section by completing the associated questions at the end of each chapter.

FAR/AIM Manual - Paper
An excellent study or reference source, the new, larger format includes 14 CFR 135 with complete pilot/controller glossary. Changes are conveniently indicated. Including FAR Parts 1, 43, 61, 67, 71, 73, 91, 97, 119, 133, 135, 141, 142, HMR 175 and NTSB 830, the FAR/AIM uses special study lists to direct students to the appropriate FARs. You can check students' understanding of FARs with exercise questions tailored for private, instrument, commercial, and helicopter. A free Update Summary is available on Jeppesen's web site.

Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual
This Private Pilot Maneuvers manual uses step-by-step procedure descriptions and over 100 full-color figures to help you visualize and understand each maneuver you perform in the airplane. Skill Enhancement Insets provide expanded instructional guidance, helpful hints, explanations of common errors, and rules of thumb that can help you perform each maneuver precisely the first time. To prepare for your private pilot checkride, you can refer to the associated FAA practical test standards presented with each maneuver description. In addition, exercises allow you to evaluate your understanding of the maneuvers. For easy reference, the maneuvers are numbered and grouped into categories based on similar operational characteristics. The spiral-bound design allows the manual to lay flat for ease of study and instruction, whether you are on the ground or in flight.

Flight Instructor Syllabus
The Flight Instructor Syllabus is designed to meet or exceed Part 141 requirements for a flight instructor certification course and additional flight instructor rating courses. You may enroll in the three courses consecutively and become a fully qualified certified flight instructor (CFI), with instrument and multi-engine airplane instructor privileges, at the conclusion of the training programs. If you have already acquired a basic flight instructor certificate, you may obtain either or both of the additional instructor ratings. The Basic and Instrument Instructor Courses utilize single-engine land airplanes while the Multi-Engine Instructor Course employs multi-engine land airplanes with wing-mounted engines.

This syllabus provides a basic framework for your training. Ground and flight lessons are coordinated in a logical sequence to ensure your training progresses smoothly and that you are consistently introduced to topics on the ground prior to being required to apply that knowledge in the airplane. The compact spiral bound design makes it convenient to use on the ground or in the cockpit. Ideal for Part 141 pilot training and easily adapted for Part 61 training, the syllabus features lesson objectives, flight and ground time allocations for each lesson, coordination of academic support materials with pilot training, enrollment notices, and graduation certificates.

Flight Inst. Single and Multi-Engine Land and Sea, Instrument Airplane and Heli PTS
This reprint of the FAA Commercial Pilot PTS contains the standards for obtaining a commercial pilot certificate with an airplane single-engine land or airplane single-engine sea rating.

Aviation Instructor's Handbook
The Jeppesen Instructor's Guide will Help you easily use Jeppesen's Guided Flight Discovery (GFD) Training System to teach your students effectively.

Jeppesen Instructor's Guide Manual
New updated content to work with the current syllabi for Private through Flight Instructor. An Explanation of the Jeppesen Pilot Training System Components. Updated Pilot Briefings for Private Pilot through Flight Instructor

Student Kit Bag
Not only does this bag contain all of your private pilot training materials, it is also an excellent first flight bag. Numerous outside pockets help you organize such essential items as your charts, flight computer, fuel tester, plotter, and flashlight, as well as pens and pencils, while a convenient double zipper opening provides easy access to flight materials inside the bag. Carry your supplies in comfort with the wide removable shoulder strap. Reinforced bottom. Constructed with durable PVC backed 600 denier poly.


List Price: $270.10
Now: $229.95

Add Jeppesen GFD Flight Instructor Part 61/141 Deluxe Kit To Cart

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Customer Reviews For Jeppesen GFD Flight Instructor Part 61/141 Deluxe Kit:
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012
CD Outdated and incomplete.
by Steve from Mountville PA USA 

Pros: Lots of good printed material.
Cons: CD not compatable with Windows7 and no DVD's thatr follow text.
Review: The text material itself is very good, however the CD that comes with the kit is not compatable with Windows7. Also, the GFD textbooks refers you to DVD that are not included with the kit. I was very disappointed with this so called delux kit. I would not buy it again or recommend it.
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Thursday, October 18, 2018

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