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Seat Cushion with 3

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Product # 1599

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Seat Cushion with 3" bottom, no back

- 12 customer reviews.

Seat Cushion with 3

Need a couple more inches in the cockpit?  This comfortable seat cushion attractive, quality built seat cushion has a 15" x 15" x 3" bottom.

  • Cockpit friendly compact design
  • Fire-resistant foam was carefully selected to maintain adequate height under body weight and G-forces, while still maintaining comfort.
  • Outer material is strong 600 denier, liquid-repellent nylon.
  • Simple loop strap for carrying
  • Made in USA

Available in Black, Gray, and Tan.


Now: $37.95

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Customer Reviews For Seat Cushion with 3" bottom, no back:
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Thursday, April 23, 2015
Meets my needs
by A Customer from Palo Alto CA USA 

Pros: good size, easy to transport with handle
Cons: Slides against seat back
Review: Works well to improve seating position. Wish it had velcro or other means to keep it from slipping around seat back.
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Monday, March 09, 2015
Great Product
by Jonathan from Westminster CO USA 

Pros: Washable cover, Inexpensive
Cons: None so far
Review: I've only had a few opportunities to use my cushion but it makes a huge difference in visibility. I fly a Cessna 172P and I am barley 5'6 and the cushion made a night and day difference. My only concern will be durability. I wonder how long it will last. Just like mattresses that get slept on too long in 1 spot they tend to create a dent. The good news is that the cushion is inexpensive.
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Friday, January 24, 2014
Great seat cushion!
by thomas from Charlotte NC USA 

Pros: unzip cover to clean.
Cons: Firm, it takes a little breaking in.
Review: Nice, firm. Excellent for extra height! Compact shape fits perfectly in existing seat.
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Wednesday, September 04, 2013
Nice product that works
by Brian from Stafford VA USA 

Pros: Carrying handle, durable cloth material
Cons: Relatively expensive
Review: I bought this for a frequent traveler who is a 5' 3" female. Overall it works well and is quite comfortable. It is firm enough to raise the sightline for this person enough to see over the nose of a C172. Nice carrying handle and looks to be very durable material. I tried to find something better/cheaper through Amazon, but decided that other pilots are using this and if it worked for them...
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012
I would buy this product again
by A Customer from Atlanta GA USA 

Pros: Durable, well constructed
Cons: Have not had long enough for any negatives
Review: Actually it was just a tad too high so I ordered the 2" cushion as a replacement. Still keeping the 3" for future use.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012
Great product for a bit of lift!
by A Customer from Central City IA USA 

Review: This is just what I needed to see better from the right seat of our little Piper Warrior! My husband seat is about an inch higher than mine and our view out the front was different. An added couple of inches was the perfect lift for me. It's very comfortable, doesn't get in the way at all, and fits on the seat perfectly. It also doesn't affect where my feet are (I can still reach the rudders and brakes if needed). I anticipate it will wear well. Thanks Pilot Store!
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012
This is a great fix for too low seat
by Steve from Arlington VA USA 

Pros: Does exactly what it's made to do
Cons: None that I can see
Review: I fly an old beat-up Cessna 172. The left hand seat is so low that even at 6 feet-tall I could barely see over the glare shield. I prefer to sit up high and the only way to get more height was to move the seat further forward. That cramped up my knees on any flight longer than 30 minutes-- no fun! This cushion does the trick. The extra 3" under my butt puts me right where I like to be and allows me to move the seat back for more legroom. This is great product for those flying older aircraft with non-height adjustable seats. Love it! Steve
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Monday, January 16, 2012
Good cushion!
by Mike from Bismarck ND USA 

Pros: Perfect height and softness.
Cons: None yet
Review: Works great. Not too tall. I am 6' 1" so I was worried it would have me sitting too tall in the cockpit. I fly a Cessna 206 and it is just the right height. Good width too. The sciatic pain I was getting in my right leg on long flights has improved significantly.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011
3" cushion small hineys
by Amy from Bloomington IN USA 

Review: The cushion fits my rear well , but if you have a larger hiney, it may be too small. Also, I use this in a Crown Vic and the cushion is way too small for a Crown Vic seat! Wish I had kept my other cushion from different company. The good thing about these cushions is that that don't sink down when you sit on them. Great and maintaining it's form!
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Saturday, October 08, 2011
by A Customer from Elko NV USA 
Review: Too "squishy" to raise my seat higher and that is what I was looking for.  I will keep looking for something firmer that does not squish like a pillow.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
An unlikely vision enhancement tool
by Bill from Goose Creek SC USA 

Pros: Good quality, fair price
Cons: none
Review: This item really helped me see better in the cockpit. Being vertically challenged this item was a good choice. I feel more confident and have much better visibility than before. Thanks so much.
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Sunday, December 16, 2007
A Little Too Soft
by Pat, Super Decathlon pilot from Friendswood, Texas 

Pros: Well-made case, I received my order quickly.
Cons: For me, it doesn't provide the firmness I was looking for.
Review: I fly aerobatics and use a back pack. The manufacturer's seat cushion positions me too high in the cockpit so I removed it. I wanted a firm, 3 inch cushion to give me the right height and support when inverted. This particular cushion is too soft. By squeezing it with two fingers I can almost bring my two fingers together. The case is well made and I intend on trying to find some industrial foam rubber to supplement or replace the internal foam rubber. If My Pilot Store could recommend replacement foam I would be very appreciative.
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On Wednesday, April 08, 2009 a customer asked:
what is the weight?
A: The weight is approximately 1.5 pounds.

Manufacturer Part Numbers: HEC 220 HEC 220 HEC 220 HEC 220 HEC 220 HEC 220 HEC 220


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