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The Aviators TV: Season 7 DVD information
List Price: $19.95
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The Aviators TV: Season 7 DVD

The Aviators TV: Season 7 DVD

The Aviators is an award-winning weekly TV series featuring interesting people, the latest aircraft, the coolest technology and the best fly-in destinations. It’s action, intensity, and adrenalin mixed with education, entertainment, and beauty. The Aviators is all-things aviation – for everyone who has ever gazed skyward.

The unprecedented seventh season of the award-winning worldwide aviation TV phenomenon covers the full gamut of adventurous things you can do as a pilot - like island hop through the Caribbean - and things you definitely shouldn’t - like fly straight into a thunderstorm!

Miss the first six seasons?  Get all 81 episodes in the first seven seasons in one money-saving bundle!

Episode Guide for Season 6 of The Aviators TV Show (Fall 2017)

  • Episode 1: 
    We visit Canada’s largest airport to look at the technology that drives air navigation systems. Then we look at one of the most affordable ways to own and enjoy an aircraft - ultralights!

  • Episode 2: 
    Part thrilling, part insanity, paragliding is one way aviation nuts get into the open air using a contraption that fits in the back of your car. Then we look into the science of applied aerodynamics.

  • Episode 3: 
    Air Rally 1 - We accompany dozens of aircraft and pilots as they island hop in the Caribbean during this 2 week aviation odyssey.

  • Episode 4: 
    Air Rally 2 - The Air Rally continues as the group is met as heroes country after country. That is, the ones who actually make it!

  • Episode 5: 
    We visit the world’s most famous aviation university to explore it’s storied history, many milestones, and future developments which include (get ready for it) flying cars! Then we look at arguably the most versatile little aircraft ever made - the Pipistrel Sinus.

  • Episode 6:
    Anthony flies a simulated Cessna directly into a thunderstorm which would be certain death in real life, but not until he flies a full-motion airliner sim into one - so violent even in a sim that we may have even broken the $20 million unit!

This DVD set contains all six episodes of the seventh season of The Aviators TV!

Did you miss The Aviators Season OneThe Aviators Season Two, The Aviators Season Three, The Aviators Season Four, The Aviators Season Five, or The Aviators Season Six? If so, grab all seven Seasons: 81 episodes in Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in a money-saving bundle!


List Price: $19.95
Now: $9.99

Shipping only $1.95!
Add The Aviators TV: Season 7 DVD To Cart

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Friday, September 21, 2018

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