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GoCheck Preflight Multi-Tool information

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GoCheck Preflight Multi-Tool

GoCheck Preflight Multi-Tool

6-in-1 Tool. With space at a premium in most flight bags, this innovative device combines multiple preflight tools in one compact unit. Includes a fuel tester with strainer, stall horn tester, dipstick wiper, red/white flashlight, Phillips/flathead screwdriver and checklist reminder card.

Compact Size
Measures 6” long and uses 4 AAAA batteries (included).

Fuel Tester with Strainer
Slide off fuel tester has an ample capacity, features an integrated strainer to filter fuel when pouring back into the tank. Has a belt clip for easy storing.

Stall Horn Tester
Don’t suck in bugs to test your stall horn. Simply place the soft end of the multi-tool on the stall-warning hole and pull the fuel tester portion off the Go-Check. This creates the low pressure needed to check the horn.

Dipstick Wiper
Check the oil and clean off the dipstick with this wiper. Works with both round and flat dipsticks. Four white LEDs are perfectly placed to illuminate the wiper during night ops.

Red/White Flashlight
Stop using a cell phone as a flashlight. The integrated flashlight in GoCheck™ was designed for pilots. Press the button once for red light illumination, providing just the right amount of light for in the cockpit. Hold down the button for white light activation. Uses 4 AAAA batteries (included).

Phillips/Flathead Screwdriver
Included screwdriver heads slide into the bottom of the Multi-tool and are held in place by a magnet. Perfect for open the cowl or ground power port. Screwdrivers are illuminated by the white LEDs.

Checklist Reminder Card
Jot down Preflight reminders on this card and (hopefully) never forget to remove the pitot tube cover again.


Now: $49.95

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

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