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Telex 5x5 Pro III Headset

- 7 customer reviews.

Telex 5x5 Pro III Headset

With soft headpad cushions, adjustable headband, and on-the-head weight specs of only 3/4 oz., the 5x5 Pro III provides true lightweight comfort. Single receiver features single pliable, soft eartip receiver which provides better speech intelligibility than an earmuff-style headset in quiet to moderately noisy environments. High quality electret mic has flexible boom which can be worn on left or right side. Can be worn without headband by clipping to eyeglass bows or after market custom earmold. The headset is approved for aviation use under Federal Aviation Agency TSO C57 and C58A. 

Receiver and Eartip
A magnetic receiver element is used. Sound is conducted from the receiver to the ear via a flexible vinyl tube terminated with a removable soft plastic eartip. The eartip fits in the ear canal of the wearer. Three eartip sizes are included with the headset to accommodate various ear canal sizes. 

Microphone and Amplifier 
A noise-canceling, electret element and microphone amplifier are used. The amplifier receives power from the aircraft radio via the microphone plug. The amplifier output level is adjustable through an opening in the side of the amplifier housing. (Adjustment by a qualified avionics technician is recommended.) For best performance the microphone should be positioned at the side of the mouth and close to the lower lip. 

Wearer Options 
The headset features a detachable headband and pivot assembly. The pivot may be rotated over a 180-degree range, permitting the microphone boom to be positioned on either side of the head. Alternately, the headband may be removed, and the headset may be worn on eyeglasses. An eyeglass adapter kit is supplied with the headset, and can accommodate wire or plastic eyeglass bows. The headset may also be worn with a custom ear mold (not supplied). The microphone boom may be positioned on either side of the head when using eyeglasses or a custom ear mold. 

The headband consists of two stainless-steel springs covered with soft, polypropylene webbing. The springs are bendable to adjust the lateral pressure on the head. AISO7 the distance between the springs may be adjusted for optimum load distribution and wearer comfort. The headpads are mounted on adjustable stainless-steel sliders. The headpad cushions are soft polyester-urethane foam, and are adhesive-backed for easy field replacement. 

With Headband: 4.3 oz (121 g) 
Without Headband: 2.5 oz (69 g)





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Customer Reviews For Telex 5x5 Pro III Headset:
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Thursday, December 29, 2016
Works great; replaces my 20-year old Telex
by Jay from Alpharetta GA USA 

Pros: perfect replacement for my old headset
Cons: none
Review: All good; my original telex finally gave up on me - it was 20 years old and served me well. This one should last until I retire!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Not a reliable product...
by Harun from Istanbul, Turkey 

Pros: Fits fine, good sound quality both ways
Cons: If it works...
Review: I have received my first 5x5 about one and a half years ago. Right after warranty expired mic stopped working. I ordered a new one. After about 1 month of use this time earphone went off. If you want to use this product always have a back up headset in your flight bag.
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Monday, May 02, 2011
by Stan from Charlotte NC USA 
Review: the gear is fine, just what I expected ... What really impressed me was the response and customer service that I received from ! You have a 5 star operation !

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010
by Wim from Dirkshorn Netherlands 

Pros: Light weight and easy wear.
Cons: Limited info on adjustments and lack of earpieces
Review: A light weight headset for long hours use. But it lacks some more earpieces and only comes with 2 sizes. Furthermore the gain is set at max so that in the a/c the volume heas to turned very low which is not acceptable in a heavy jet. There is an instruction about adjusting the gain but this is very limited and does not say how to access the gain.
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Monday, April 19, 2010
Make your own decision - just read this.
by Don from Cupertino CA 

Pros: Works fine - when it's new
Cons: No product support / Fragile construction
Review: Telex 5x5 ProIII Headset: Worked fine for 1 1/2 years in a B737. Failed one day without warning. Went to Telex website, and sent an e-mail requesting instructions for service (it's out-of-warranty). They never replied. So, I took it apart myself. One wire was broken from the speaker assembly. The wire was MUCH too small a gauge - smaller than it needs to be. There was no strain on the wire - it just broke due to vibration (in and out of flight case?) SO - no product support, and weak design. Expect a year and a half....
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Monday, October 12, 2009
by Rich from Scottsdale AZ USA 
Review: The headset is fine for most aircraft EXCEPT the Citation 500-560 series. The headset is hard to hear with standard radios. Either too loud or not enough. A Telex 850 even though more expensive works much better. 
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Monday, February 23, 2009
Great headset!
by Marc from Kalispell MT USA 

Pros: Sound clarity, light weight
Cons: earpiece fit
Review: The only reason I'm rating this headset as a 4 instead of a 5 is that the earpiece lacks in fit. A custom earpiece is definitely required for max performance. Otherwise, I'd recommend this headset to anyone looking for a quality, reasonably priced, light weight headset.
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Previous Customer Questions For Telex 5x5 Pro III Headset:
Ask Your Own Question
On Monday, March 14, 2011 a customer asked:
can I get this with the single plug for airbus use?
A: The 5x5 Pro III is not made with a single plug for the Airbus, however you can get the Fixed Wing Headset to Airbus Adapter to use this headset in an Airbus.

On Friday, December 03, 2010 a customer asked:
How can I get earpieces to replace it?, I owned a Telex 5x5 Mark IIE, they were stored 17 years ago, now works very fine, but I need change the earpiece.
A: You can find them here:  Telex Airman 750/760 Foam Ear Cushions

On Sunday, August 16, 2009 a customer asked:
Dear Gentlemen: I would like to know if is there any case for this product and if you could include an adapter for this sistem so that it may be used in a ATR 72/42 (airbus socket i suppose).
A: This headset does not include a headset bag.  You would need to get the fixed wing to Airbus adapter to use it in the ATR that you describe.

On Saturday, February 28, 2009 a customer asked:
I opperate a Cessna Sovereign--can I use this headset with a double plug set up; such as, what i have in my airplane?
A: Yes, this headset does have the standard dual-plug setup for fixed wing use.



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