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More Eye of Experience information
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More Eye of Experience

More Eye of Experience

Howard Fried shares over fifty years and forty thousand hours of experience with pilots all over the world every four weeks with his column, "The Eye of Experience," in AVweb, the bi-weekly aviation news magazine. Now all of the experience he has shared in his columns can be yours to keep in book form.

With over fifty-five years and forty thousand hours of experience, as a flight school operator, flight instructor, and Designated Pilot Examiner who has administered over four thousand certification flight tests, one might think he has seen it all, but far from claiming he has seen it all, Fried says he is constantly surprised by the things both students and certified pilots do. In his seventies, Howard Fried is still an active flight instructor. He enjoys teaching because it presents an opportunity to pass his love of aviation along to others.

Knowledge comes from experience and experience comes from mistakes. We can do it the hard way-- make the mistakes ourselves--or we can learn from the mistakes of others. Which will it be? Fried's books help with the easy way.


List Price: $21.95
Now: $15.50

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

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