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Artistry of the Great Flyer information
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Artistry of the Great Flyer

Artistry of the Great Flyer

A Pilot's Guide to Stick and Rudder and Emergency Maneuvers - Artistry of the Great Flyer teaches stick and rudder skills all too often missed in pilot training. For those pilots who have grown fearful, bored, or uninspired by flying, Jim Alsip offers profound insight that will have you flying safer, better, and with more joy.
Most pilots know of a good pilot who lost his life in a maneuvering accident. Alsip's book provides tools for avoiding tragedy—surprising skills that help pilots avoid the deadly “booby trap” turn.

Good stick and rudder skills can save a plane and a life in a pinch, but they require training and practice. In an emergency, pilots fly like they train; sight picture is critical to that performance. Here, Alsip aptly quotes his mother: "Look where you are going, and watch what you are doing." While the lighthearted approach is appreciated, the sentiment is deadly serious.

Alsip is a highly skilled master of flying. In Artistry of the Great Flyer, readers will develop life-saving aerial dexterity to recover from upsets and spins, and gain the skills needed to increase flyer confidence and fun.

Published Jan 2014, 118 pages, 6" x 9" 


List Price: $24.95
Now: $17.50

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

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