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iLevil 3 AW Portable ADS-B + GPS + AHRS information
List Price: $1,395.00
Now:  $1,290.00

Product # 11180

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iLevil 3 AW Portable ADS-B + GPS + AHRS

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iLevil 3 AW Portable ADS-B + GPS + AHRS

iLevil-3 AW ADS-B + GPS + AHRS Highlights:

  • Synthetic Vision AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System)
  • ADS-B Receiver (Weather & Traffic)
  • Ability to Connect to other Hardware
  • Portable or permanent-mounted (experimental or Light Sport aircraft)
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • SD Card input, Data Recording
  • Internal Battery (Replaceable)
  • Solar Panels

The iLevil3 AW adds the new Data Recording feature which allows you to insert a SD Card and record all of your flight data (position, airspeed, altitude, attitude, etc.) and display the information on various platforms such as Google Earth or X-Plane.

A more advanced system designed for experimental and Light Sport aviation. The AW provides ADS-B weather and traffic information, GPS navigation and AD-AHRS technology. Unlike the SW version, the iLevil AW can be used as a portable OR permanent-mount instrument. It integrates static and dynamic pressure transducers which generate indicated airspeed and pressure altitude obtained from the pitot-static system, ultimately offering a "six-pack" solution displayed on a tablet. The iLevil AW facilitates installation with remote GPS and ADS-B antennas and power inputs for 12V and 28V systems. Compatibility with mobile devices makes the AW the ideal all-in-one solution for Light Sport aircraft where weight and space are an issue.

  • WAAS GPS inside (remote antenna)
  • Roll, Pitch, Magnetic Heading, Rate of Turn, Inclination, and G-meter data output
  • Indicated Airspeed and Pressure Altitude when connected to the Pitot-Static system of the aircraft
  • 978 Mhz ADS-B receiver with remote antenna option
  • WiFi Access Point (enables +10 devices connected to the same iLevil)
  • Open infrastructure (compatible with many apps on both iOS and Android platforms)
  • Internal Rechargeable battery (5 Hrs) with remote ON/OFF control, useful in power failure emergencies.
  • Automatic ON/OFF operation through DB9 connector using 5V, 12V or 28V power input
  • 3-axis gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers professionally calibrated for aviation-grade performance.
  • Micro-USB communication for remote firmware updates, data transfer and battery charging.
  • IN/OUT serial communication (allows data transfer to/from other hardware inside the cockpit (i.e. Engine Monitors).

Operating temperature: -10° to 60° C (14°-140° F)​
Everything integrated in a small package: 5"x3"x1"

Popular Apps compatible with iLevil SW:

  • WingX Pro
  • iFLY GPS
  • Xavion
  • Air Navigation Pro
  • Sky-map
  • AvPlan
  • AHRS Utility
  • FltPlan Go
  • AirTrack
  • FlightPro
  • Naviator
  • Avare

Made in the USA


List Price: $1,395.00
Now: $1,290.00

Add iLevil 3 AW Portable ADS-B + GPS + AHRS To Cart

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Customer Reviews For iLevil 3 AW Portable ADS-B + GPS + AHRS:
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Thursday, May 25, 2017
by Robert from Bonsall CA USA 

Pros: Everything you need.
Cons: Nothing you don't need.
Review: Easy installation. Great graphics and situational awareness. Less than $1500.00 for the same system that cost $25,000.00 ten years ago. Works great / no problems.
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Monday, September 24, 2018

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