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TKS De-Ice Fluid - 2.5 Gallons information

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Product # 10839

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TKS De-Ice Fluid - 2.5 Gallons

TKS De-Ice Fluid - 2.5 Gallons

TKS 406B De-Ice Fluid - Aircraft In-Flight Ice Protection Fluid

Kilfrost continues to be the world leader in TKS in-flight ice protection, de-icing and anti-icing products to the aviation, industrial and transportation industries.

The TKS system protects aircraft from in-flight freezing by distributing ice protection fluids through porous metal structures that form the leading edge of the wings and rear horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Propellers and windscreens can be similarly protected. TKS 406B offers ice protection capability with a freezing point below -60 degrees Celsius. Principally used for in-flight ice protection, TKS 406B can also be applied to remove frozen deposits of snow, ice and frost from stationary aircraft while on the ground.

  • Meets AL-5 DTD 406B, NATO S-745
  • Excellent in-flight ice protection capability with freezing point below –76°F (-60°C)
  • Works for de-icing and anti-icing (curative and preventive for icing)
  • Easy to use: designed for use in cold concentrate form (undiluted as supplied)
  • Fluid runback provides total airframe ice protection
  • Controlled viscosity for dispensing at varied temperatures
  • Fully-biodegradable

SHIPPING NOTICE:  This item is considered Hazardous Material by the shipping and transportation industries and requires special handling.  We are unable to ship via 2 Day or Next Day Air services. 


Now: $74.95

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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