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Weather Flying information
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Weather Flying

- 3 customer reviews.

Weather Flying

The best resource a pilot can have to understand how to fly in all types of weather.

How do you improve on the best guide for pilots to learn how to fly in all kinds of weather? The answer is the Fifth Edition of Weather Flying by Robert Buck. Regarded as the bible of weather flying, this aviation classic not only continues to make complex weather concepts understandable for even the least experienced of flyers, but has now been updated to cover new advances in technology. At the same time, this respected text still retains many of its original insights from over four decades of publication, provided by renowned weather flying veteran Robert N. Buck.

In a straightforward style, new author Robert O. Buck (son of the book's original author) delves into how computers, personal electronic devices, electronic flight instrument systems, and other technologies are changing the way general aviation pilots fly weather. He addresses the philosophy and discipline required to use these systems, what they are really telling us, and their task as supplement to good flying sense. The updated Fifth Edition also discusses how to handle changes in FSS weather briefing, including a look at new weather information products and airborne datalink weather information as they affect weather flying.

This 5th edition features:

  • Discussions of weather information--what it is, how to get it, and how to use it
  • Explanations of various weather phenomena and how they affect a flight
  • Updates on the new GPS and smart technology used in weather flying
  • Changes in weather information and briefings
  • Descriptions of improved anti- and deicing systems
  • Serious discussion of the pilot-electronics interface

Now more than ever, having the Bucks' Weather Flying at the controls is the next best thing to having the authors with you in the cockpit.

Weather Flying Table of Contents
Ch 1. Weather Flying.
Ch 2. A Little Theory for Weather Flying.
Ch 3. Some Thoughts on Checking Weather.
Ch 4. How to Check Weather.
Ch 5. Weather Information.
Ch 6. Checking Weather Details.
Ch 7. Checking Weather for the Route.
Ch 8. Equipment Needs for Weather Flying.
Ch 9. Temperature, an Important Part of Weather Flying.
Ch 10. Some Psychology of Weather Flying.
Ch 11. Turbulence and Flying It.
Ch 12. VFR Flying Weather Visually.
Ch 13. About Keeping Proficient Flying Instruments.
Ch 14. Thunderstorms and Flying Them.
Ch 15. Ice and Flying It.
Ch 16. Taking Off in Bad Weather.
Ch 17. Weather Flying En Route.
Ch 18. Landing in Bad Weather.
Ch 19. Teaching Yourself to Fly Weather.
Ch 20. Something on Judgment.

5th Edition, Hardcover.  416 pages.
Published August 2013
by Robert Buck 


List Price: $25.00
Now: $21.95

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Customer Reviews For Weather Flying:
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Simply excellent
by Jacob from Nashua NH USA 

Pros: In depth thought and discussion about the finer workings of weather.
Cons: Repetitive at times. One or two topics I would I have liked the authors to expand upon but we're covered piecemeal throughout.
Review: This book gives such a well thought out, carefully constructed understanding as to how weather forms. I learned more from the first 40 pages than I did in my entire ground school class. As a pilot who does not flying in ifr, it was fascinating for me to learn the complete workings of the theory, equipment, and psychology of doing so. I bought this book to learn more about weather, not necessarily to fly in it, but I feel that this book is well worth the cost and is an important read for anyone who wishes to learn more about weather.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010
by Todd from Madison, IN 
Review: For a beginning IFR pilot/student this is a great read.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Learn to Truly Understand Weather
by Patrick Ryan from Brentwood TN USA 

Pros: Understand weather for safer IFR & VFR flying
Cons: No recent edition
Review: This is a well written, concise and understandable practical guide to weather flying. It goes far beyond the basics and enables the reader to grasp weather basics. It would be more usful if there was a section to guide the pilot in the use of in cockpit weather such as XM Weather.
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Monday, September 24, 2018

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