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iCloth Avionics Wipes - 10 Pack Trial Size information

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iCloth Avionics Wipes - 10 Pack Trial Size

iCloth Avionics Wipes - 10 Pack Trial Size

Because most of your devices are touchscreen, you're likely challenged with keeping those many screens clean. You could put a large bottle of cleaner somewhere in the cockpit, with several rags, competing for precious cockpit space.  Or, you could have a compact, multi use wipe. It'll clean all your screens with a dust, residue and streak free finish. 

  • Use it on your MFD, GPS, Glass Cockpits, digital displays, iPad, Smartphone, Laptop, eyeglasses, and more.
  • Universal CleaiCloth Avionics is the go-to tool for the next generation of flight decks. Excellent performance on all displays from the past, present and future
  • This isn't a gigantic box of 'wet wipes'. Each wipe is individually wrapped so the dampness stays intact and you get the maximum results out of each pouch.
  • Dust, Residue, Streak Free- just as you would expect. Clean off even some of the messiest of messes, and then lightly graze the surface one last time for that perfect anti-static finish.
  • Our components are approved by Air Canada, USAF, US Navy, Boeing, Bombardier, Japan Defense Agency, and more. Our wipes are proven avionics safe.
  • When we say iCloth, we do mean cloth. Each wipe is made of Dupont Sontara super soft aerospace-grade fabric, not paper. The cloth's fibers can effectively and safely lift away the nastiness without scratching the surface.
  • As your estimated time of departure quickly approaches and you're in a rush to go wheels up, grab some wipes for later use. They're portable, fast to use and small and light enough to easily stuff in your kneeboard or headset bag.

10 individually wrapped wipes.  Also available in a 100 piece and a 500 piece box.


Now: $4.95

Shipping only $2.95!
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Monday, October 15, 2018

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