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Brightline Bags Backpack Module information

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Brightline Bags Backpack Module

- 2 customer reviews.

Brightline Bags Backpack Module

This specialized Brightline Rear End Cap turns your BrightLine Bag into a backpack (with limitations discussed below).

This Brightline End Cap has backpack straps built in, but doesn’t look like a backpack when the straps are not in use. It's easy to deploy the straps in less than 20 seconds. And then it's easy to stow them when you don't need them.  Now you have the ability to throw your (small) BrightLine Bag onto your back and use both shoulders to carry the load and be hands free when necessary.

The first limitation is that the BrightLine Bag, to start with, is a pretty short bag. It’s only 13.5” tall. Most backpacks are much taller than that because it’s pretty far from the top of most people’s shoulders to a place near their waist line. So this PACK CAP REAR makes the BrightLine Bag into a very short backpack. If you’re tall then the bottom of the bag is going to hit you pretty high in the middle of your back. But if you’re a small person, then this setup will probably work much better. You will probably still use the SHOULDER STRAP most of the time, but there are times where it’s great to be able to whip out the backpack straps and put your BrightLine Bag onto both shoulders and be hands-free.

The second limitation is that it really only makes sense to use this new Brightline Backpack module with narrow configurations like the B0, B2, and B4. Nothing bigger than that will work. If you tried to put a Brightline B7 FLIGHT configuration on your back, the length of the bag would cause it to cantilever away from your back and it would hang down hard and try to pull you over backwards. But for the smaller configurations, it’s hard to beat. 


Now: $48.00

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Customer Reviews For Brightline Bags Backpack Module:
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Thursday, October 26, 2017
Very effective but be sure to note the recommendations regarding bag size
by LT from Ohio 

Pros: The straps stow away very nicely with nothing hanging out of the zippered enclosure. There is also a sleeve to allow the bag to ride on a telescoping bag handle.
Cons: None - but do note the recommendations regarding bag size
Review: The backpack module is very nicely configured for carrying small bags. The MyPilotStore recommendations are spot-on. The module works very well for the 4-inch center section with the front cap but, if I add any more to it, it cantilevers as described in the recommendations.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016
A great Idea, it just needs tweaking.
by Greg from Clearwater FL USA 

Pros: Having a backpack when I need it
Review: Being able to convert my flight bag into a backpack is great! When hauling a heavy load (PC, iPad, head phones?) and no roll-a-board to attach it to, having the back pack option saves my back and shoulder. There are two issues:
1.You have to make the straps tight or the bag rides awkwardly on your back.
2.The weight in the bag pulls the zippers that close the attached compartment. I fix this by using a flexible lock to hold the zippers together.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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