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Taildragger Tactics

Taildragger Tactics

Taildragger Tactics deals with flying the conventional gear airplane in a safe and pleasurable manner. It covers every aspect of taildragger operation from aerodynamics maintenance and preflight, to normal operations, to operations in unusual or adverse conditions. Many photos and drawings show a pilots perspective from the cockpit of various maneuvers.

Some specific topics covered include:

  • directional control with rudder usage to eliminate ground loops
  • a simplified landing technique to make all landings easy and consistent
  • handling crosswinds with a curved path technique
  • rules to compensate for unusual situations including high altitude, gross weight changes, and variable runway surfaces.

By the author: Taildraggers are not harder to fly, they are different. Flying a taildragger requires knowledge and skill. The knowledge is imparted in this book.

by Sparky Imeson
274 pages.  Published 2004.


Now: $24.95

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Monday, September 24, 2018

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