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IFR Principles and Practice information

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IFR Principles and Practice

IFR Principles and Practice

Here's the authoritative book you've been looking for on how to fly IFR! Concise, easy to understand, thorough--this is a unique presentation of a difficult subject. Its explicit text is well supported, subject by subject, with many helpful diagrams. Exclusive features include practice exercises valuable to the learning process, as well as periodic score sheets that enable instructor and student to chart progress more easily.

Includes practice exercises and score sheets to sharpen your skills.

by Avram Goldstein 
2nd edition, published 1999, 126 pages

    Disorientation Exercises
    Unusual Attitudes
    Using This Book
Pre-Takeoff Procedures
    Score Sheet
IFR Communications
    Score Sheet
Principles of IFR Flying
    5 basic principles
    Instruments and their functions
    The Basic Maneuvers
Straight & Level - Turns To A Heading
    full panel
    partial panel
Climbs & Descents
    enroute climbs and descents
    descents at approach airspeed
VOR Tracking and VOR Approaches
    enroute tracking
    time to station
    simulated VOR approaches
VOR Holding
    practice sheet
ADF Procedures
    inbound and outbound tracking
    holding at a NDB
    intersections and intersection holding
    simulated NDB approaches
ILS Approaches
    score sheet



Now: $12.95

Add IFR Principles and Practice To Cart

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