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Pilot's Weather information
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Pilot's Weather

Pilot's Weather

This book breaks new ground in the presentation of what is and should be presented as a fascinating and vitally important part of a pilot's skill. Gone are the dreary old monotone drawings of isobars and fronts, endless graphs and reams of figures and in bounce full color photos of what you actually see - clouds and cloudscapes that tell you instantly what's happening to the air around you. For those who fly aircraft and micros, gliders or kites - this book makes the weather make sense.

The content of the book deals comprehensively with all the topics likely to come up in the PPL exams, and more importantly tries, and succeeds, to weld them together into a coherent and useful whole. Meteorology can be a dry and technical subject but this book does better than most at holding the reader's interest, helped a great deal by the excellent photos.  The photos illustrate all types of cloud, frontal weather, and most other meteorological phenomena. This is a welcome change from the usual line drawings which bear little relation to reality found in the majority of aviation weather books.  MICROLIGHT FLYING

Everything the pilot needs to know about the atmosphere, the weather and meteorology. The colour photographs are superb: these alone make the book worth having on one's shelf. - AOPA LIGHT AVIATION

by Brian Cosgrove
Hardcover, 192 pages.
Published April 2005


List Price: $39.95
Now: $31.95

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