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Apollo 13 Owners' Workshop Manual information
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Apollo 13 Owners' Workshop Manual

Apollo 13 Owners' Workshop Manual

The world-famous Apollo 13 mission and dramatic explosion on the service module, captured in technical detail like you’ve never seen before.On April 13, 1970, NASA’s Apollo 13 suffered a near-catastrophic explosion in space. The planned lunar landing that day was promptly called off, and a new challenge prioritized: get the spacecraft safely back to Earth.Written by David Baker, an original member of NASA’s Apollo 13 Houston Mission Control team, Apollo 13 Owners’ Workshop Manual offers unprecedented, meticulous coverage of the Apollo 13 mission. Beginning with an overview of the era’s equipment and technology, Baker focuses primarily on the planning, goals, and execution of the mission itself, including an hour-by-hour timeline of the crew’s near-disaster in space. Additionally, his thorough analysis of the post-flight investigation and lurking design problems with the spacecraft offer the rare viewpoint of a true Apollo 13 insider. Not only does Baker present and analyze the mission itself, but he also celebrates NASA’s legacy in the wake of the event with the redesign of sections of the Apollo spacecraft and the changes to the way later missions were organized, beginning with Apollo 14.In typical fully illustrated Haynes Manual detail, Apollo 13 Owners’ Workshop Manual presents the fascinating circumstances behind a team who recovered their spacecraft just hours before hurtling back into the earth’s atmosphere. But more than that, the book is a brand-new insight into the remarkable story of how clever, improvised engineering, remarkable teamwork, and sheer will to succeed averted a major catastrophe in space.

The Apollo 13 Manual provides unique insight into the Apollo 13 mission, telling a story of heroism, fortitude and resolve, from a team in Mission Control that refused to let go, from several Apollo 13 crewdozen contractors who rose to the challenge of finding a way home for a crew unable to get back on their own, and from several thousand workers in hundreds of locations across the US.

It is also the story of three very special heroes, the crew members of Apollo 13: Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise.

And, above all, the Apollo 13 Manual tells the story of the complex technical challenges involved in returning the crippled spacecraft safely to Earth, explained in detail by an expert author who was there through it all in Mission Control during the six-day flight.

by David Baker
Hardcover, 192 pages.
Published October 2013


List Price: $28.00
Now: $22.50

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