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Author: Richard Taylor

Richard L. Taylor, award-winning author of many articles and 14 aviation books, writes from a background of continuous pilot activity since 1955, when he entered USAF pilot training. He retired from the Air Force Reserve as a major in 1979, having earned Command Pilot status.

Taylor was for 22 years a member of the aviation faculty at the Ohio State University (now associate professor emeritus), where he was director of flight operations and training and taught at all levels of the flight curriculum. He is the founder and editor of The Pilot's Audio Update, a monthly audio tape cassette service published continuously since 1978.

Taylor has accumulated nearly 13,000 hours of pilot time in a wide variety of aircraft including gliders, helicopters, amphibians, turboprops, jets, and most general aviation light airplanes. He remains active as a pilot and an aviation consultant in Dublin, Ohio.


Positive Flying Positive Flying
Why and how "flying by the numbers" works, with flight-tested numbers for precision performance in 27 of America's favorite small aircraft.
Positive Flying
Understanding Flying Understanding Flying
If you're really interested in finding your flying flaws, you will find answers to your problems in this book.
Understanding Flying
Instrument Flying Instrument Flying
Everything about flying IFR; handling emergencies, filing flight plans, understanding IFR communications, navigating, and flying more efficiently.
Instrument Flying
Fair-Weather Flying Fair-Weather Flying
How VFR pilots and students can manage demanding situations and get more out of the airplane and the time spent in the air.
Fair-Weather Flying
IFR for VFR Pilots IFR for VFR Pilots
In this landmark book, Taylor provides VFR pilots with an emergency reserve of basic IFR capability.
IFR for VFR Pilots



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