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Van Heusen Pilot Shirts

How to determine your Men's Pilot Shirt size
We carry three styles of Van Heusen Pilot Shirts. These three basic styles are available in a number of specific cuts (tapered, tall, men's, ladies, short and long sleeve) depending on the shirt. 
The sizing for the Men's shirt is the same as your regular dress shirt size.  The short sleeve shirts are just sized based on the collar size and long sleeve pilot shirts are sized based on the sleeve length and the collar size.  If you don't know your dress shirt size, use the following directions to get the right fit:
You will need a cloth tape measure. It is suggested to have someone help you. When looking at dress shirt size the first number on the size tag refers to the neck size, the second number to the sleeve length. As an example a shirt marked 15 32/33 would mean the man wears a 15 inch neck size and a 32 or 33 inch sleeve length.

1.First measure your neck. Put the tape measure around the largest part of your neck, where you would normally wear the collar when your shirt is buttoned. This is your neck size. The neck sizes in dress shirts increment by inch measurements. If you find you are not quite at the half or whole size go to the next half or whole size measurement. You can also adjust this measurement based on comfort level. For instance if you prefer to have a little more room, add inch to this measurement. If you like a more generous fit, add 1 inch to your measurement. For some men keeping one or two fingers between you and the tape measure is alternate way to add the desired inches when determining neck size. Shirts should button all the way. Do not leave open the top button on the shirt. If it feels too tight on you when you button the shirt, it is too small.

2 . Next, measure for sleeve length. It is important that your arm is at your side and slightly bent at the elbow. Here is where it is best to have help. Start by placing one end of the tape measure at the middle of the back of your neck; go across the shoulder, and down your arm. You want to follow the curve of the shoulder and the arm, end at the wrist bone. Add 1 inch (rounded to the nearest even number) to this measurement to use as your sleeve length.

Pilot Shirts by Van Heusen

Pilot Shirts
Feature Van Heusen
Commander Shirt
Van Heusen
Aviator Shirt
Van Heusen
Pilot Shirt
Material: 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
Wing Eyelets: None None On left breast
Epaulets: Yes Yes Yes
Pencil Slot: No One Two
Pockets: Non-functional flaps sewn
to both pockets for easy
top entry
Two pockets with functional
flaps and buttons
Two pockets with functional
flaps and buttons
Pocket Pleats: No No Pleated Pockets
Men's: Long and Short Sleeve Long and Short Sleeve Long and Short Sleeve
Ladies': No Long and Short Sleeve No
Tall Available: Yes Yes Yes
Tapered Available: No No Yes
Sizes: Sizes available for most men Biggest selection of sizes. 
Only style w/21" and 22" neck
Only style with 38/39" sleeve
Sizes available for most men
Colors: White White
Blue by special order (2-4 days).
Call 877-314-7575 for Blue Shirts






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