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Author: Cheryl Cage

Cheryl Cage began Cage Consulting in 1988. Over 15,000 pilots have used the services of Cage Consulting in preparing for airline pilot interviews and over 50,000 copies of Cage Consulting aviation career books have been sold.

In addition to her work with individual clients, since 1990 Cheryl has also served as an Independent Consultant to the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). During this time she has presented her pilot interview preparation seminars to over 3,000 displaced ALPA pilots from PanAm, Midway, USAirways, TWA, Air Wisconsin, West Air, and Aspen Airways to name a few.

In 1994 Cheryl wrote and published her first book Checklist for Success: A Pilot's Guide to the Successful Airline Interview. Checklist has become ‘the’ book to read when preparing for a professional pilot interview.

Because so many pilot-clients requested job search assistance for their friends and family, in 2002 Cheryl introduced a new series of books geared towards non-aviation job seekers. The first title in this series is Your Job Search Partner: A 10 Day, Opportunity Producing Job Search Guide. Her second book was Calm in the Face of Conflict: 12 Surprisingly Powerful Strategies for Thinking Through Problems, Decisions and Conflicts.

Cheryl has written for Flight Training, Air Line Pilot, Aviation for Women, Independent and the Army, Navy, and Air Force Times. She is a regular speaker at conferences and conventions. Three global airlines have sponsored Cheryl to present seminars on the pilot selection process, interview preparation skills, and job search preparation for furloughed airline pilots.

Prior to Cage Consulting, Cheryl graduated from college with a B.A. in Psychology. She worked as a flight attendant for Braniff Airways. With the bankruptcy of Braniff in 1982 Cheryl made a career transition into marketing and management for a national sports company. She left this position to start Cage Consulting, Inc.


Checklist for Success-Successful Airline Interview Checklist for Success-Successful Airline Interview
A pilot's guide to the successful airline interview, improve your competitiveness and chances of being hired!
Checklist for Success-Successful Airline Interview
Calm in the Face of Conflict Calm in the Face of Conflict
Twelve powerful strategies to help you think through problems, decisions, and conflicts.
Calm in the Face of Conflict
Your Job Search Partner Your Job Search Partner
Cheryl Cage's 10-day, step-by-step opportunity producing job search guide.
Your Job Search Partner



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