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Affiliate Program FAQ


Affiliate Program Overview

What is the MyPilotStore Affiliate Program?

The MyPilotStore Affiliate Program is a rewards program in which we will pay you every time you refer a person from your site to  You will receive a money for every click-through to MyPilotStore as well as a percentage of any sales that are made as a result of that click-through. 

Joining the MyPilotStore Affiliate Program is an easy way to make money and to add value to your site. 

How do I get started with the affiliate program?

It's a simple three-step process: Read the Operating Agreement, fill out the Affiliate Application, and when MyPilotStore accepts your application, you will be notified via email about how to link to us and start earning money.

Can I participate if I live outside the U.S.?

Yes, but please note that commission payments will be made in U.S. dollars only.

Does it cost anything to become a MyPilotStore affiliate?

No. The MyPilotStore Affiliate Program is free.

Do you notify the IRS of the referral fees I earn?

If you earn more than $600.00 in a calendar year, we are legally required to file a 1099 form with the IRS, naming the payee as a contractor who has received a taxable amount of income from us. 

Does my Web site qualify for the MyPilotStore Affiliate Program?

Anyone can apply for the program. However, MyPilotStore reserves the right to refuse any site, especially if it contains unsuitable material. Web sites that would violate any applicable law, regulation, or third-party right; encourage illegal activity or racism; or feature hard liquor, tobacco products, gambling, or materials, products, or services related to pornography will be deemed unacceptable for the MyPilotStore Affiliate Program.

I don't have a Web site yet. Can I still apply to be an affiliate with MyPilotStore?

If you are a Certified Flight Instructor, then Yes! After you sign up we will send you all of the details. 

Commission Fees and Payment

How does MyPilotStore track people coming from my Web site?

MyPilotStore uses AffiliateWiz technology that will track all clicks to our site as well as all sales that are a result of that click-through.

How can I keep track of how many people visit and register with MyPilotStore?

Simply log in to your MyPilotStore account at  to access online reports, where you can track not only your click-throughs and commissions but also other activity to help increase sales.

How much will I earn for each click-through?

Qualifying sites will receive $0.04 for every unique visitor who clicks on a MyPilotStore link from your site.  We are very particular about who gets a per-click fee.    

How much will I earn for each sale?

For each sale that is a result of a click-through from your site, MyPilotStore will pay you five percent (5%) of the Qualifying Revenue.  On recurring items such as aeronautical charts, you will receive 5% of the initial order only.

When and how do I get paid?

You will be paid quarterly by check when your MyPilotStore account reaches a minimum of $50. If your earnings are less than $50, the amount will be carried over to the next quarter.  All payments are sent within 30 days of the end of each quarter.  

Do I have to meet quotas?

No. You can refer users at your own pace, but there will be promotions throughout the year that will enable you to earn prizes for referring a specified number of users within an allotted time.

Setting Up My Affiliate Links

Where will I find MyPilotStore graphics, logos, banners, and buttons?

Simply log in to your MyPilotStore account at to access the variety of linking options.

How can I download graphics and logos from MyPilotStore to my Web site?

You don't need to.  All the graphics and logos are hosted on the MyPilotStore server, so all you need to do is get the linking code at

May I link to MyPilotStore from more than one Web site?

Yes. You are welcome to link to MyPilotStore from multiple Web sites, as long as none of the sites violates any applicable law, regulation, or third-party right; encourages illegal activity or racism; or features hard liquor, tobacco products, gambling, or materials, products, or services related to pornography.

Maintaining My MyPilotStore Affiliate Account

How can I promote MyPilotStore?

MyPilotStore will provide banners, buttons, and text links that you can use on your site. We have found that the text links are the most effective marketing tool for generating MyPilotStore click-throughs and sales.

How can I change my affiliate account information?

How can I change my affiliate account information? Simply log in to and go to the Update User Account section.

Promoting My Web Site

Can I change or personalize the images provided by MyPilotStore?

No. It is not permissible to change or personalize any MyPilotStore images.

What kind of advertising can I do?

Be creative—write a newsletter for visitors to your site, write a testimonial, write an article. You are free to use any copy from as long as all copyright credit is given and it links to

What kind of advertising is prohibited?

You cannot send unsolicited email (aka spam) in any way. There will be no leniency in cases of unsolicited email, and affiliates in violation of this policy will forfeit their commissions and be removed from the program.

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