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Make Money with our Affiliate Program

 Are you a flight instructor?  Do you have an aviation related web site?  Just know a lot of people in the aviation industry?

Get ready to start making money with the affiliate program.

Why Join?

  • Earn Extra Money - Help pay for the next $100 Hamburger!
  • Enhance Your Aviation Web Site with Supplies
  • Why Not?  It's Free to Sign Up! 

Simply link to us with the banners and/or text links we provide and we'll do the rest. We...

  • Process the sale.
  • Provide world-class customer service.
  • Supply comprehensive online reporting.
  • Manage your account.

Sign up now!

 P R O G R A M   D E T A I L S 
Do as Much or as Little as You Want Affiliates run the gamut when it comes to the types of stores they build. As an Affiliate, you are welcome to use a banners, list just a couple items as text links, or  create links to the entire MyPilotStore inventory! 

Don't have your own website?  No problem!  Are you a CFI/CFII?  Excellent!  We'll give you a personal ID number that you can give to your friends, family, and students.  Each time a student or friend orders, you'll earn a commission!

You will earn a five percent (5%) referral fee as a result of your recommendation and/or link! Qualifying sites will also earn $0.04 every time one of your visitors clicks on a link to

If you don't want to make individual recommendations, you can just place a banner or text link on your site.  It's really that easy to get started. 

We Take Care of the Hard Part
Once you refer visitors to us, we ensure that they receive the best service on the Web. We'll give them detailed information about the every item in our catalog, securely process their orders, promptly send their products, and courteously handle all customer service issues. We will make sure that your visitors have a satisfying purchasing experience because we know that the service we provide reflects on you and your Web site.

Reports and Payments
You can get reports of how you're doing anytime day or night.  You'll always know which links and/or banners are performing and which are not. You'll know how much you've earned in referral fees and sale commissions.  And, we're always here to help when you have questions. Just email  At the end of each quarter, we'll send you a check for the referral fees you earned in the previous quarter. 

For more details, visit our FAQ section






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